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Great Testings

At Wagner Soil Testing, we are NATA- and BSA-registered and provide comprehensive services for the civil construction industry. We help you understand the property completely. With over 20 years of industry experience, we do all types of testing, like geotechnical testing and drilling. We work everywhere in south-east Queensland.

Our Services

  1. Reliable Soil Testing

Wagner Soil Testing does geotechnical testing and site classifications to help you know the ground quality where your project is. 

2. Efficient Pipe Testing

Our pipe testing uses the latest technology, like CCTV cameras, to make sure that the soil is not causing problems for your pipes. 

3. Our Effluent Disposal

At Wagner Soil Testing, we'll help you find the right spot for your waste disposal system for your south-east Queensland property.

4. Geotechnical Drilling

Let us help you start the construction process with our geotechnical drilling. Just let Wagner Soil Testing know what you need.

Covering All Bases

At Wagner Soil Testing, we are dedicated to providing excellent service to cover all of your earthworks and pipe testing needs. Whether you need geotechnical testing, site classification, pipe testing or effluent disposal, we are here to help. 

High-Quality Work 

Our team is focused on providing the highest-quality work to all of our customers. We follow this with expert levels of service so that we can quickly, efficiently and professionally meet all of your needs. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. 

Our Credentials 

We are NATA and BSA-registered for your peace of mind. Additionally, we are a quality-endorsed company because of the comprehensive and integrated services that we provide for the Civil Construction industry. For building and engineering purposes, we can also do site classification and effluent designs to suit your needs.

Site Classification

Site classification is when Wagner Soil Testing's team determines the stability of the soil in your specific site. There are six classifications for a site: A, S, M, H, E and P, referring to the ground movement. Class A sites have little to no ground movement while P sites have a lot.

What Is Involved

When Wagner Soil Testing does a site classification, we go onto your site and drill two boreholes two metres deep near the proposed footing area. We then do two DCP tests or bearing capacity checks next to each hole. We then give the soil sample to the lab for more tests.

Our Qualifications

Our team is fully insured and licensed to perform soil testings like site classifications. We're NATA- and BSA-registered so that you will know that we are qualified. With over 20 years of industry experience, our team has dealt first hand with all the different soil types of classifications. 

We have recently introduced Seca’s newest CCTV crawler and programming to the Wagner Soil Testing team. With the new Rovion iPek system and our NATA accreditation, we can ensure that we meet all your CCTV requirements. Our latest technology complies with the reporting code WSA05 – 2013 Standard.


Wagner Soil Testing is proud to say that we can do CCTV pipe inspections. This allows us to get a firsthand look at the interior of your pipes. A camera lets our team better diagnose the problem area and take a sample from there, making the whole process be less invasive and more efficient.

Pipe Tests

If you need a water analysis, sulphate soil testing or other laboratory analysis, then Wagner Soil Testing can test for you. We also do a variety of pipe tests to find a problem or ensure that your pipes are working the way they should. Say the testing you'd like and arrange an appointment.

Why Do It

We test how well your pipes are taking the load they're doing and if the soil is corroding your pipes. Wagner Soil Testing can come in if you notice that there's an issue with your pipes. Our team can identify the problem and give you suggestions if the problem is the soil the pipe is located in.

What It Is

An effluent disposal system for residential and commercial spaces takes little to no solid waste. These systems often use gravity to work; though they can be made with a pressurised system in place. Wagner Soil Testing can easily help plan system into your property for you or your business.

Our Top Advice

Wagner Soil Testing helps you determine if you should hook up your system to the effluent disposal system near you or if a more traditional sewer system would work better. We will advise you on the wastewater management options you have with the system and what would be the best option.

Tests and Design

At Wagner Soil Testing, we can conduct tests to find out the best option for you and where the best place is for your effluent disposal system to be put in. We will find where the closest hook up is to your property. Our team can then create a full design for the system. Tell us about your space.


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