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Naval Base, WA 6165


Versatile Services Australia provides quality and reliable horizontal boring works in Perth, Western Australia and Sydney, New South Wales. VSA specialise in Horizontal Directional Drilling, Rock Drilling, and the Installation of Underground Services, inclusive of the NBN Project.

 Versatile Services Australia has developed our systems and processes to ensure we are able to adopt the best practice and deliver service excellence. We continue to stand apart from our competitors through using quality machinery and materials. Our approach to sustainable and environmentally responsible approach allows us to always hand work sites back to our clients in the same, if not better, condition that we received them.


Horizontal Directional Drilling

Trench Excavation

Cable Laying

Cable & Fibre Optic

Cable Testing and Jointing

Service Location and Protection

Deep Drilled earthing

Substation equipment installation

Streetlight replacement and erection


Traffic management 

Reinstatement work

Asbestos Removal & Supervision

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  • 24 Burlington Street, Naval Base WA, Australia

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