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Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is widely used for trenchless solution to install underground services / products. It is a low disturbance approach for accurately and efficiently crossing roads, railways, rivers, bays and a variety of other obstacles with minimal environmental impact.

Underland Directional Drilling (UDD) offers horizontal directional drilling services to the Civil, Construction  and Utility clients throughout Perth Western Australia. Cameron Allan (Owner Operator / Driller Operator) has over 15 years of operational knowledge and experiences and prides himself on providing a service that exceeds expectations.

UDD’s capabilities offer our Clients a complete safe, professional, high quality HDD service solutions.
We have invested heavily in the latest technology, equipment and staff training to provide a high quality and more environmentally friendly service, allowing us to deliver a final product that exceeds all client requirements and expectations. UDD has ensured all plant / equipment is kept at the highest standard which includes regular servicing and prestart checks completed as well as implementing Safe Work Procedure and Policies.

UDD can also offer GPR scanning for those services which can be difficult to locate. The GPR provides peace of mind to our clients to ensure all services are correctly located and identified before commencement of HDD and helps reinforce UDD’s no strike policy.

UDD’s Drill Rigs

Ditch Witch JT20 – Purchased in early 2017 with a traded in of another JT20, UDD updated their drill to reinforce our commitment of providing our clients with new well-maintained equipment. The JT20 has the capabilities of drilling up to 140 meters in one drill shot and pull back material over 300mm in diameter thanks to the high-quality reamers UDD have at hand

Ditch Witch JT40 - In early March 2019 UDD expand their current fleet of one HDD rig (Ditch Witch JT20) to two with the purchase and delivery of a new Ditch Witch JT40. With the JT40 joining the current UDD Fleet, UDD will have the capabilities of drilling longer distance in one drill shot and reach distances of 270 meters in one shot and pull back material reaching 600mm in diameter. This will open the opportunity for UDD to continue to grow our business and build a closer working relationship with our current clients and open the opportunity to take on new clients looking for professional HDD operators


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