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Tranz have been successful in securing large Project Contracts with Metro 2, Melbourne Rail, West Gate Tunnel, West Connex, North Connex, North West Rail Link & Rail Projects throughout Australia. Our newly designed 8 channel camera system can record all activity live 360 view. This system is added to our existing GPS trackers account where smart phone app can be integrated & viewed 24/7. All our new designed crane trucks has Proxy Volt Power line warning system installed.

Tranz Logistics works on a partnership agreement with our clients. We have secured a number of high level logistics contracts with Road and Rail Tunnelling clients in Australia. We can implement state of the art equipment with all safety spec installed and viewed live. All our Tunnel spec trucks have Fire suppression, lane changing assist, motion sensors, E stops and other safety devices installed to prevent all incidents & accidents.

Tranz Logistics, Tunnel, Rail, Road, Mining, Oil & Gas and infrastructure Specialists in designing and implementing innovative supply chain solutions, including customised fit-for-purpose equipment for the construction & supply chain industry.

Our customised supply chain solutions are based on a strong customer focus ensuring we fully understand and fulfil all of your logistics requirements. Combined with safety management systems that can be integrated into your solution, we can meet the most stringent safety standards.

We are committed to developing customised logistics solutions that leverage our expertise, people and equipment to provide safe, efficient and innovative operational solutions.                                                          

Our reputation within the Tunnelling, Infrastructure, Construction and Mining Resources sector has been built on strong, long-term partnerships with our valued customers. We are committed to ensuring our operations demonstrate high performance, quality, safety and value to ensure our customers’ ongoing success.

As industry leaders in safety, we work with experienced engineers to develop innovative solutions to offset safety risks and are proactive in our adoption of new technology like in-vehicle monitoring systems (IVMS), GPS tracking and fatigue management systems.

Our expertise allows us to respond effectively to fluctuations in domestic and international markets and provide our customers with innovative, scalable solutions.

Tranz Logistics has delivered to major infrastructure projects in Australia. Our offer is all Infrastructure project logistics solutions to ensure its delivered safely. Our vehicles are setup with all safety equipment that requires our people are safe inside tunnels. The Fire control system Fog Maker is installed in our tunnel vehicles to minimise injury’s. The Proximity Detection avoids all collision avoidance, the system designed to increase safety awareness and prevent accidents by detecting when a person or vehicle enters a specifically marked area around operating machinery. When this zone is breached, the system emits an audible and visual warning alarm and can be interfaced to automatically slow or stop the machinery.

Give us a call today to get the logistics for your next project set up by a trained professional!

Our Tunnelling Logistics Projects in Australia:

  • Clem 7 Brisbane Queensland                                   
  • Airport Link Brisbane Queensland                           
  • Legacy Way Brisbane Queensland                          
  • Narrows Crossing Gladstone Queensland             
  • North West Rail Link Sydney New South Wales   
  • North Connex Sydney New South Wales             
  • West Connex Sydney New South Wales 
  • Metro 2 Sydney New South Wales
  • Melbourne Rail
  • West Gate Tunnel Victoria
  • Metro / Light Rail projects across Australia
  • Snowy Hydros 2.0 New South Wales


Tranz Logistics offers a fleet of crane trucks, prime movers & trailers for dry and wet hire along with the following services:

  • Mining logisitics
  • Tunnel logistics
  • Crane truck hire

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  • Sumner QLD 4074

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