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Overview of The Solutioneers

The Solutioneers are an expanding machinery and equipment hiring business covering a wide range of fields like Building and Construction, Maintenance, Garden and Landscaping and Events.  We are based in Padstow, Sydney with soon opening new branches due to increased demand.  We provide high quality hiring services in a reliable and customer-friendly manner.  Our mission is to make your job easy, get your job done. Our services are based on extensive knowledge and know-how of machine operation, building and construction and safety regulations. Our 30 year-experience in construction industry enables us to give valuable advice as to which machine is most suitable for you and save you time and money.  Our excellent management system allows us to provide customers with the equipment needed as soon as possible, when they need it, where they need it with no fuss. Our goal is same day delivery service.  Instead of keeping you on hold in customer service and offering you machinery in extravagant prices, we prefer to be quick and efficient, answer your call promptly, give you a direct quote based on your needs and get your job done. As simple as that.

Services offered by The Solutioneers

THE SOLUTIONEERS Landscaping and earthworksOur equipment. Mini excavator and tipper truck for hire or contract for landscaping and hard access sites. Our 1.7 ton excavator is fitted with a rock or concrete breaker, a large rock saw, an auger and various buckets. Watch this video how we made a beautiful sandstone wall face using our rock saw. provide services such as:

  • Rock sawing for a better and natural finish to a stone face or to reuse the stone on site.
  • Drilling up to 2.5 metres for piers or underpinning.
  • Rock and concrete breaking.

Reuse and recycleWe reuse most of the building debris as fill and we deliver for free so the materials can be reused on another site. Some materials such as concrete or broken bricks we transfer to a recycling depot to be turned to Roadbase. Plant waste and stamps are transferred to a recycling depot to be turned to mulch and soils. Watch the video below to see our solutions to eliminate good materials going to the tip: LANDSCAPING 

  • Retaining walls 
  • We can build your dream sandstone wall, timber or concrete sleepers, concrete block or anything you would like.
  • Turf and soils
  • We cultivate the existing soil for the new turf with a rotary hole so your own soil can be reused instead of going to the tip, eliminating the need for removal or supply of new soil.
  • PavingWe can do your paving with any materials including tiling.
  • Pergolas and Deckings.

We can give you our advice on the best possible design and solution for your new deck or pergola. Stormwater and drainage. We pay special attention to proper water movement, keeping the water away from any structural elements. That includes the following:

  • Agg pipes
  • Stormwater drains
  • Pits and grates 

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