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Established in 2000, The RIX Group specialises in all aspects of ground engineering & slope stabilisation. With a high level of expertise, we have successfully expanded our business to better serve our client’s needs.

RIX provide a multitude of ground stabilisation & ground support methodologies including shotcrete (Inc gunite), rock bolting, soil nails & ground anchors as well as rockfall protection including scaling, rockfall mesh, rock catch fences, rope access, erosion control matting & latex membranes. Our mining & tunnelling services divison specialise in mine box cut, portals & high wall stabilisation as well as shaft lining, mine & tunnel roof support & wet & dry shotcrete application.


The Rix Group provides the following services:


  • Retaining/shoring Walls
  • Slope Stabilisation
  • Road and Rail Embankments
  • Mine box cuts, portals, high walls
  • Mine & Tunnel underground roof support
  • Dam spillways
  • Detention tanks
  • Sea walls
  • In Ground Drain Channels and Culverts
  • Wet and Dry Shotcrete hand sprayed
  • Wet and Dry shotcrete robotically sprayed
  • Tele Remote Shaft Lining
  • Swimming Pools
  • Ponds and Water Features
  • Simulated rock and block finishes/Mock Rock


  • Shotcrete/Shotcreting
  • Lined Drains
  • Gunite (Dry Spray Shotcrete)
  • Soil Nails including GRP Nails
  • Rock Bolts
  • Ground Anchors, Mechanical Anchors, Chemical Anchors
  • Rockfall Mesh/Rock Catch Fences
  • Erosion Control Matting
  • Latex Membranes
  • Grouting
  • Rope Access
  • Rock Scaling/Rock Removal


  • Temporary Ground Anchors
  • Permanent Ground Anchors
  • Piling
  • Sand Anchors
  • Soil Nails and Rock Bolts
  • Inclined Drains
  • Shotcrete/Shotcreting
  • Capping Beams
  • Geothermal Drilling
  • Core Drilling for exploration purpose
  • Water Pressure Test (Lugeon Test)
  • Grout Mix Design
  • Various types of Pressure Grouting using mechanical and inflatable packers includingGrout Curtain
  • Blanket Grouting,
  • Chemical Grouting,
  • Seepage Control Grouting


  • Soil Nails and Rock Bolting
  • Arch Forms
  • Shotcrete application including overhead robotic spraying
  • High Wall and Box Cut Stabilisation
  • Shaft Lining
  • Portal Stabilisation
  • Difficult Access Drilling
  • Rock Fall Protection
  • Scaling and Rock Removal
  • Dry Spray (Gunite)
  • Cavern Excavation

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