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The Tek stump is an innovative product designed to save time and effort for re-stumpers and builders alike. Made from higher cement content and a revolutionary core reinforcement design (including galvanised rio), the Tek stump has been able to reduce the size and weight of the stump and promote ease on difficult jobs. The Tek stump has also proven its adaptiveness to new housing sites, the lighter stump being less inclined to sink into freshly poured footings, resulting in less time packing and a much straighter job.

The hoop iron clip acts as a saddle that enables you to fix either side to the bearer using a tek screw, this process allows the stump to be effectively pulled up to the bearer, again limiting the need for packers. The Stump is reinforced with galvanised Rio to prevent rust, and later concrete cancer (When rust expands and causes the concrete to crack), whilst the end of the stump is coated in bitumen paint to prevent moisture from entering the concrete.

Steel Stumps

400mm-3000mm tall, 2mm steel

3100mm-3900mm tall, 2.5mm steel

3900mm+ custom made steel stumps

Galvanised srayed to prevent rust

L-Shaped top for easy hanging using Tek Screws

Ant Caps

75mm and 85mm

Concrete Sole Plates

300mm diametre x 100mm deep

Our Accreditations

Traditional building specifications automatically demand 100 x 100 mm stumps to meet building specifications and plans. However, Tek stump’s revolutionary 75mm and 85mm stumps are changing the way many builders and re-stumpers think. These lighter weight, more cost effective and easier to work with stumps often cause confusion where plans stipulate 100x100mm stumps must be used. The Tek stump has met all building regulations to allow 75x75 and 85x85mm stumps to be used in lieu of traditional 100x100mm stumps in 95% of situations where traditional 100x100mm stumps are commonly specified.

To make the change and specify Tek stumps for your next job, contact Tek Stump and we’ll send you all the information.

No builder or re-stumper has ever turned back after using the Tek stump.

Stump Bracing

Where solid load bearing masonry walling is provided the floor may be assumed to be sufficiently braced.

Bracing shall be provided where:

Stump height above ground exceeds 15 times the minimum face width.

Embedding in the foundation is less than 0.3 of the height above ground level or 450mm whichever is the greater.



Stump size shall be appropriate to footing size.

The height above ground in accordance with table supplied.

Stump embedment in foundation material should be at least 0.3 of the stump length.

Installation for Concrete Stumps


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