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Hydro Excavation (also known as vacuum excavation, vac truck excavation or suction truck) is our speciality here at Tasman Excavations. It’s a form of non-destructive digging that uses high pressurised water and an industrial strength vacuum to simultaneously excavate and evacuate soil.


 Why use Hydro Excavation?

Becoming increasingly popular, Hydro Excavation uses this technique to safely excavate in situations where normal excavation machinery cannot be used. This non-destructive form of digging can remove almost any kind of surface without damaging existing infrastructures.

Telecommunications, fiber optics, Telstra cables & underground power lines, as well as around and under concrete and driveways. The possibilities are endless.

The vacuum truck is a self contained unit which uses high pressure water at approx. 4000 psi (gerny) to break down the soil, while a vacuum pump removes the soil into holding tank on the truck. This ensures little to no mess.

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