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Sunstate Pipelines (QLD)

Maroochydore DC, QLD 4558


The parent company was formed in 1979 and evolved as Sunstate Pipelines in 1989. We are one of the most experienced independently owned major pipeline construction companies in Queensland. With a knowledge base that spans over 30 years in the oil and gas industries, we have worked on many key projects that have contributed to Australia’s pipeline infrastructure. 

Although we are based in Chinchilla QLD, we are able to provide contract work or machinery hire throughout the country.

Our company is extremely practiced in pipeline construction and trenching, we are able to perform live line tea-ins, hot tapping steel and poly, flex pipe, conduit installation, cable hauling and laying and final electrical terminations along with much more.

We have a wide range of pipeline and trenching equipment for hire throughout Australia, consisting of:

  • Tracked Trenchers (wet hire and dry hire)
  • Crane Trucks (wet hire and dry hire)
  • Tippers (wet hire and dry hire)
  • Excavators (wet hire and dry hire)
  • Backhoes (wet hire and dry hire)
  • Truck and Dogs (wet hire and dry hire)
  • Vacuum Excavation Units (wet hire and dry hire)
  • Graders (wet hire and dry hire)
  • Rock Saws (wet hire and dry hire)
  • and more

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Our fleet of plant to hire includes:

  • Track Trenchers accessible for wet hire and dry hire.
  • Crane Trucks available for wet hire and dry hire.
  • Tippers offered for wet hire and dry hire.
  • Excavators hired out on (wet hire and dry hire.
  • Backhoes provided on wet hire and dry hire.
  • Truck and Dogs available for wet hire and dry hire. 
  • Vacuum Excavation Units offered for (wet hire and dry hire.
  • Graders accessible for wet hire and dry hire.
  • Rock Saws available for wet hire and dry hire.

We provide a wide range of services such as:

  • Live line tea-ins.
  • Hot tapping steel and poly.
  • Flex pipe.
  • Conduit installation.
  • Cable hauling and laying.
  • Final electrical terminations.

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