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From Subdivisions to Surveys in WA

STATEWEST are able to manage all surveying requirements from beginning to end and ranging from all areas including North, South, East or West Australia and including all metropolitan and country regions.

STATEWEST always has a professional approach in all matters and maintains a practical and responsive result.

Our expertise can cover all aspects from project management, design, plan, drafting, surveying to completion.

Depending on your particular job will depend on what consultants will be required. We are always prepared to recommend and take certain strategies to achieve a good result.

STATEWEST has the knowledge and experience for all aspects in this area and always offer our clients a cost effective outcome.

Some of the Services we provide are:-

  1. Project Management from small to large jobs
  2. Development Application
  3. Subdivision Application
  4. Subdivision Design and layout
  5. Liaise with Local & State Government Agencies, Authorities, Solicitors, Consultants and Settlement Agency on the customers behalf when necessary.
  6. Residential, Commercial & Rural Subdivisions from small to large Lots
  7. Strata Survey
  8. Site, Feature or Contour Surveys (depend on clients needs)
  9. Engineering Survey
  10. Mining Survey
  11. Boundary Re Establishment Survey
  12. Volume Survey
  13. Building Set Out
  14. Fencing or driveway set out
  15. Retaining wall requirements
  16. Outline Development Plan
  17. Urban Redevelopment
  18. Amalgamations
  19. Rezoning
  20. Negotiation and Advocacy
  21. Consultants required for particular conditions requested by Authorities ( eg. Valuer, Fire Management 

Our Team


Statewest Surveys places great stock in our people. We pride ourselves on our impeccable operating record and this is all down to our our talented team of surveyors, technical specialists, draftsmen and administrators, most of whom have been with us for many years. Our ethos is all about supporting our team in achieving the best results possible. This includes consistent review of their professional development and knowledge base including;

  1. Expertise in local and state government requirements
  2. Design & Technology
  3. Association Membeship & Training
  4. Communication
  5. Technical Applications
  6. Customer Relations

From Applications to Surveys in WA

Statewest Surveys have experience servicing an variety of areas including the Perth metropolitan and hills areas, Exmouth, Carnarvon, Busselton and interstate projects in the Northern Territory and Queensland.

We have a range of consultants on hand for specific purposes and are able to service large contracts involving planning, engineering, environmental issues and construction, without the need for heavily scaling up our core business.

As well as specializing in Subdivisions and land development experience, we also cater to the more localised and domestic market via such projects as school set outs, small & large subdivisions, volume calculations and Kiln set outs (Austral Brick and Boral Brick), Amalgamations and Mining Surveys.

Statewest Surveys maintains a good working relationship with clients like Westrac, Austral Brick and Midland Brick and has done for many years.

Just a snapshot of our services is outlined below:

Residential, Commercial & Rural Subdivisions

From preparation of satisfying conditions for subdivison approval includes duties such as design, drafting, pegging new lots and preparing a diagram of survey. Statewest Surveys is very well equipped to deal with this kind of preparation.

We also do all applications to govt authority on behalf of client which also saves time and money when not involving a planner.

Engineering Survey

This includes the surveying and mapping for all disciplines of engineering. Information in this survey includes roads, sewers, drains, dams and buildings.

Strata Survey

Strata plan production includes built stratas for duplex and multi units, vacant lot stratas and survey stratas to merger by resolution.

Feature/Contour Survey

This type of survey covers a large area from rural detailed survey to mining surveys in accordance with the appropriate Mines Department regulations including the plotting of tenement boundaries, open cut mines and exploration gridding.

Boundary Re-establishment Survey

This survey is an accurate identification of property boundaries to enable fencing or building extensions to proceed.

Volume Survey

This is a survey and volume calculation of stockpiles, landfill dams and other related areas


To re arrange existing property to suit - eg two blocks into one


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