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8 Exeter Place Greenfields , Perth GPO, WA 6000

Overview of Silverthorne

Silverthorne earthmoving is a small business. Which has two final trim graders and our operators are very experienced in what they do. We believe being a small company we can supply a better service than the larger company's because we don't have a 100 bits of plant just two and I'm on one of the graders (owner) and my other operator a very experienced guy which I've gone through a lot off operators to find one up to my standard. Being on site with the machines in straight onto a breakdown if happens and ordering parts and getting the problem resolved straight away due to being there and that will help with down time. We offer a great service and all our clients have been very happy in what we can achieve. Having a survey back ground too is great for the machine control side and easing some pressure of the site surveyors because i can setup the graders, base and mm gear which not many of my competitors can do. I'm looking forward to working with you

Services offered by Silverthorne

  • Final Trim
  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Mixing Materials

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