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We are a new Melbourne Based Company that strive to Keep our clients happy, with our works and competative prices. We offer professional services for all your commercial and residential needs. We accept jobs of any size and complexity.

Roads and curbs
Subdivision preparation and utility infrastructure

Our team have a wealth of experience in civil construction and landscaping projects, from residential gardens to parks, playgrounds, car parks and access roads. We work with universities, councils, estates, government departments and property developers in Melbourne to create safe and functional environments for the local community.

To give you peace of mind, we provide site inspections to make sure our quote is specifically tailored to your needs. This ensures every machine and operator you hire is right for the job, to help you save time and stay on budget.

We also work closely with you to reduce any possible delays to your project, including the impact of weather and any regulations outlined in the Development Application (DA) from your local council. Our team will offer professional, honest advice about the best way to proceed, so your project is completed to the highest standards.

Bulk & Detailed Excavation

We specialise in bulk and detailed excavation on construction sites throughout the Melbourne Regions. We have an extensive fleet of modern machines and good Excavator operators so you can complete your project on time and within budget.

Our qualified and experienced team can manage every aspect of the excavation process, including clearing land, excavating rock and managing bulk earthworks and landfill in preparation for construction. We offer bulk excavation services that involve removing, moving or adding large quantities of soil or rock from a particular location to another. We also manage detailed excavations such as building foundations and footings.

We specialise in excavation sites with limited access or tight surrounds and all our machinery is compact with zero swing meaning that none of our machines have a large counterweight overhanging at the rear, so they can fit in tight, confined spaces.

Our Excavators are available for wet hire with experienced operators who will provide all the necessary attachments. 

We can quote on bulk and detailed excavations based on a per cubic meter rate, per tonne rate, or as a lump sum price so you are aware of all the costs and can stay within your budget.

Road Saws

We use a road saw for all our horizontal cutting projects, for a perfect result each and every time.

This is the best tool in this industry, perfect for cutting bridge decks, road pavement, floors and many other jobs.

The saw we use consists from a diamond blade mounted to a walk-behind machine. This equipment can accurately cut through horizontal pavement. It can also handle pattern paving cutting.

We can also help you make expansion cuts or remove damaged sections of slabs. Our road saw service is exactly what you need to have your job done quickly and in the most effective manner. We take pride in being experts in such jobs, and we are always open and honest with our clients.

Our road saws can cover a wide range of widths and they can go up to 625mm depth through various materials such as concrete, asphalt, bitumen, suspended slabs and driveways.

The sawing of roads in one of the most important parts of the construction of various infrastructure elements such as paved walkways, pedestrian roads, bridges and passage roads. All roads you walk or drive on are actually built with the help of road saws.

Wall Sawing

This service can help you make perfect openings in multiple types of concrete structures. We can create windows in any type of wall, provided that our equipment has access to the work site.

Our wall saws are mounted on walls or come in hand held versions.  The wall saws can cut up , down and sideways. In the case where there is indoor cutting needed or where fumes aren’t allowed due to air restrictions we can bring extra fume less equipment to ensure the surrounding environment is kept clean and safe.

Hand Sawing

Our hand saws use sharp diamond blades, to cut all types of jobs where we can access larger machinery. Hands saws can cut all types of concrete and brick, for expansion, demolition or cutting openings.

SIA CUT & CIVIL provides a large range of services for both residential and commercial projects. To find out how we can help you, please send us an enquiry at [email protected].


We service all over Melbourne.

Sia Cut & Civil specialise in

  • Concrete / asphalt sawcutting.
  • Excavation ( Site cuts, site cleans, Auger drilling)
  • Bulk & Detailed Excavations
  • Concreting 
  • Floor Sawcutting-(Asphalt & Concrete Sawcutting)
  • Expansion Cuts.
  • Commercial and building Wall sawcutting-(Doorways, windows)
  • Floor and Wall Coredrilling
  • Bob Cat & Skid Steer site cleans
  • Bobcat/Skid Steer/ Excavator Combinations

Plrase email us at [email protected] for any Enquiries.

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