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We are a supplier of specialist equipment throughout Australia in the solar, construction, utilities and mining sectors.

UTILITIES & MINING - Specialised vacuum excavation equipment to allow maximum efficiency and safety. Suitable for infrastructure projects, confined space maintenance and mining operations. Maximum efficiency and safety can be enhanced when our systems are coupled with our remotely operated vehicles that allow operations to continue during maintenance works.

SOLAR - Specialising in large scale solar piling machines with trained crews and Tier 1 safety systems, we are an experienced and long term partner to our clients. We take away your challenges with owning specialist equipment, providing you with a reliable, accurate and efficient solution.

As a collaborative partner we work with clients in the early stages of your projects to guarantee machines are available and ready for operation when required.


  • Vacuum excavation, 6000lt high vacuum truck, wet and dry hire. 
  • Vac trailer, wet and dry hire. perfect for the smaller job in hard to access residential areas, potholling and services locating and many other tasks
  • Tipper / dump truck hire, wet and dry. Perfect for a small load or for towing the vacuum trailer
  • ROV remote control vacuum excavator / crawler. this is a hyd powered remotely operated attachment for the vacuum excavators to allow operation in places that might be challanging for people access, or around equipment that requires cleaning and maintenance, but cannot be shut off. e.g cleaning pipes and small tunnels or operating around moving conveyors
  • Vermeer PD10 micro piling machines. these are designed primarily for driving piles on large scale solar farms, but are also competent for guard rail instillation. Piles up to 6m in various configurations and sections can be driven

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