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Machines & Services offered by Orana Drilling

Locations for Orana Drilling

602 Junction Road Barellan Point , Barellan Point, QLD 4306
Mt Coolon Road Collinsville, Collinsville, QLD 4804
Herschel Street Clermont, Work Site, Clermont, QLD 4721
Brahman Street Middlemount , Work Site, Middlemount, QLD 4746
Bayswater Road Townsville, Work Site, Townsville, QLD 4810

Overview of Orana Drilling

Orana Drilling & Blast is a Family owned and operated from Queensland and have fleet avaliable all around australia on varios projects and team avaliabel at a moments notice.

Orana Drilling and Blast specializes in a wide range of drilling methods from civil drilling anchors soils nails and rock peppering for hammer excavation. Ben and his team are willing to work anywhere in Australia,

Based in South East Queensland with his  Drill 2 of ATLAS COPCO 660 IV & ECM 580 happy to travel around, we have a High Risk Drilling Equipment allows us to drill at various depths with a remotecontrol Drilling rig keeping you and your team safe with low safety risk, 

This allows us to help you achive your drilling and blasting requiments with out the safety issue.

Worked in mines and civil with Adani, CPB, Lendlease & Austindo comuications and the team is inducted to many construction site around the contry for quick and reliabel Drilling and Blasting.

  • Ground Anchor Drilling
  • Line Drilling
  • Rock Anchor Drilling 
  • Probe Drilling 
  • Soil Nail Drilling 
  • Pre Drilled Pile Holes 
  • Over Sized Boulder Drilling
  • Blast holes
  • Cased Holes 
  • Remote control Drilling ( High Risk Drilling)

For your next Drilling and Blasting Project do call Ben and Orana Drilling and Blasting for some advice and hire of your next Drilling your piling or anchorage needs

Services offered by Orana Drilling

Orana drilling can provide a range of plant and equipment beyond our fleet listing just ask us how to arrange a quote 

We specialise in such services as:

  • Drilling
  • Soil nails
  • Casing
  • Coring
  • rock anchors
  • Line drilling 
  • Micro piles
  • Rock dowels
  • Dam wall drilling 
  • Probe drilling 
  • Underground Drilling
  • Working  earth stake
  • Earth stake drilling
  •  Blastingblast hole
  • Blast hole drilling
  • Pre-split drilling
  • Test drilling .
  •  Pre-split drilling test
  • Test drilling 
  • Soil Test Drilling

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