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North Coast Drilling and Wicks is a successful environmental and geotechnical drilling company based in Northern NSW. In 1993 after 12 years drilling for the RTA, Craig Pullman established North Coast Drilling. The company started out with one rig & has developed over the years to 7 drilling rigs to satisfy the increased demands of clients for his expertise in the industry.

North Coast Drilling and Wicks has a fleet of modern drilling rigs and support trucks that provide the highest quality geotechnical & environmental drilling services to the industry. NCDW are experienced Wick Drain contractors and can provide a range of services including, Soil drainage wicks, PVD – prefabricated vertical wick drains, geotechnical drilling, environmental drilling, site investigation, overwater drilling, barge drilling, soil consolidation and ground monitoring.


Wick drain Installation (PVD – prefabricated vertical drains)

Soil Drainage Wicks

Geotechnical drilling

Environmental drilling

Site investigation

Overwater drilling

Barge drilling

Soil consolidation

Ground monitoring

Solid Stem Augers (100mm, 250mm for bulk sampling upon request)

Standard penetration testing

Undisturbed sampling (U50, U75)

Concrete coring

Casing to suit conditions (HW, NW)

Mud rotary drilling (N acme, NW rods)

Coring (NMLC, HMLC,HQ, NQ, HQ)

Borehole grouting & decommissioning

Packer testing

Installation of monitoring wells (hand slotted PVC, machine slotted PVC)

Installation of inclometers

Installation of vibrating wire piezometers (VWP)

Installation of magnetic extensometers (ME)

Supply of water for drilling activities

Packer testing

Instrumentation for settlement monitoring.

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  • 900 Bangalow Rd, Bangalow NSW 2479, Australia

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