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Non Destructive Excavations Australia has a fleet of sucker trucks for wet hire. Non Destructive Excavations Australia’s service extends across New South Wales from the Greater Sydney Region, from Newcastle in the North, to Wollongong in the South and out to Lithgow in the West.

Non Destructive Excavations Australia offers a fleet of brand new sucker trucks including:

  • Two 2017 Vermeer sucker trucks for wet hire
  • Three 2018 VTI sucker trucks for wet hire

Below the surface, there are countless utilities, buried infrastructure supplying our gas, water, sewerage, electricity and communications. These subsurface utilities pose a danger for any excavation or building work as any damage to the utilities can result in expensive damage claims, delays and possible injury to workers or the public. Non Destructive Excavations Australia provides non destructive excavation (potholing and trenching) as the to identify, locate and protect any subsurface utility.

Most utility providers require that any contractor working with near their underground infrastructure, prove the existence and location of the utility, and some require the utility to be fully exposed before commencing any works. To achieve this ‘Dial Before You Dig’ (DBYD) recommends the use of non-destructive excavation (potholing/trenching) as the best practice method to identify, locate and protect any subsurface utility. 

Give Non-Destructive Excavations Australia a call today if you require hydro excavation anywhere from Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong or Lithgow.


Non Destructive Excavations Australia’s Services include:

  • Non destructive excavation (potholing): a safe and effective method of exposing a subsurface utility using water blaster and vacuum techniques without damage
  • Vacuum excavation: Use a sucker truck to quickly and safely remove wet or dry materials
  • Backfilling: reinstatement of potholed areas, using sand, roadbase and cold mix
  • Electromagnetic Locating: Use radio frequencies to locate subsurface utilities
  • Roadsaw and core drilling: quickly cut through asphalt and concrete
  • CCTV Inspection: check the condition of pipes, joints and find blockages easily

Give Non Destructive Excavations Australia a call today for your next project.

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