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What do Engineers do exactly… and what is their valuable and important contribution to the world we live in.

For us, the engineers at MPC… it all starts with… the maths in the middle. 

MPC Engineers… are the maths in the middle… the… calculations, modelling and analysis, on forces and loads.

We function largely between the architects who are designing the structure and the builders who are constructing it.

This maths gives us, and you, the proof that the structure will or won’t work. 

That it will withstand all these different forces from nature and in our built environment.

And so what does this proof provide? Strength and stability. 

The mathematical proof that your structure (homes, classrooms, operating theatres, kitchens, function rooms, apartment towers, shopping centres, clubs, hotels and even pergolas, decks, foundations, retaining walls, drainage and driveways) will have strength and stability to withstand all the myriad forces they endure.

And so what does all this give you? Client confidence. 

MPC Engineers are the maths in the middle, providing the proof of structural strength and stability and thus client confidence of enduring structural integrity of your built environment. That is what we do and the valuable and important contribution we make to the world we live in.


MPC offers a client-focused approach to specialist structural and civil engineering projects.

We operate in 12 sectors including commercial, residential, industrial, defence, health, education, recreational, rural, equine and government clients.

Our lead engineers are involved in the project throughout the whole process, as are the engineer and draftsperson assigned to the project from the beginning, ensuring continuity and consistency. This ensures you, our Client, benefits from direct contact with a professional who possesses a strong interest in fulfilling your objectives.

MPC has a philosophy of balancing long-established building methods and systems with proven modern innovations that ensure structural integrity, safety and quality at all times and provide cost savings where possible.

MPC’s wide range of capabilities, due to its engineers’ diverse specialisations and experience, offers the ability to minimise project risks and adapt to changing needs of projects and clients.

Design and Documentation – Structural and Civil Engineering Design is done in 4 main stages – concepts, design development, detailed design then issued For Construction. At each stage our drafting team prepare the Documentation in increasing layers of detail. This is done for DA (Development Application), CC (Construction Certificate) and finally For Construction. This is a ‘fixed fee’ in our fee proposal.

Construction Phase Services – Once your project starts to be built, we are required to come and do inspections to ensure it is being built as per the engineering design. The key inspections are Footings, Slabs and Frames and then others as required. This is charged as hourly rates (not included in the fixed fee in our fee proposal) as you never know how many inspections are needed for a project.

Inspection and Advice Report – For any possible structural integrity issue with any type of structure, MPC comes out, takes photos, measures up where required, advises if any further investigations are necessary (like Geotechs or Surveyors), then we write a report advising process steps for any remediation. Depending on the situation these are either a fixed fee or hourly rates or a mix of both.


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