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MJM Heavy Equipment

Locations for MJM Heavy Equipment

1 Balinger Street, Horsham, VIC 3400

Overview of MJM Heavy Equipment

Available for dry hire, the Caterpillar 950H medium wheel loader is an asset to all companies serious about earth-moving for mining or civil works.

Fitted with a powerful 162 kw motor, the 950H uses the next generation, C7 ACERT diesel engine. This turbocharged inline 6 cylinder diesel engine is designed to keep operating costs and emissions low, while maintaining high reliability and durability on the job.

The load sensing system of the 950H, allows operators to lift and tilt the bucket simultaneously resulting in less spillage and efficient material handling on the job. The 950H is also capable of adjusting engine output to compensate for parasitic loads.

Services offered by MJM Heavy Equipment

MJM Heavy Equipment Repairs

  • Caterpillar and general earthmoving repairs
  • Component rebuilds
  • Boilermakers
  • Contract Labour
  • Plant hire

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