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Minespec Equipment Hire

Kenwick, WA 6107


  • Minespec Hire are a wholly Western Australian company created to supply demand for high quality specialist Underground equipment for the mining industry. Our team has a wealth of local experience and know how that allows us to deliver a great product, on time and on budget.
  • We offer a range of purpose built and modified equipment guaranteed to fit current safety and logistical standards.
  • Minespec Hire specialise in Underground and surface hire of LV's, trucks including large and small beaver tail, trailer mounted pressure cleaners, excavators and Bobcats.
  • Our fleet are minespec compliant.


We offer:- 

  • Flexible short and long term hire of vehicles, machinery and trucks for both underground and service hire. 
  • Retrofitting LV and Trucks for the mining industry and customers specific needs. 
  • Pressure cleaner trailers/service unit 

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  • Kenwick WA 6107

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