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The business is owned by Michael Brook. Well known in the construction industry as a reliable and skilled plant operator with 30 plus years’ experience working in the civil and mining industries on large scale construction projects (maintenance and stabilization).

Accomplished track record in road works with a strong ability working in high traffic haul roads with Grader, Moxy’s, Scrapers, Rollers, Dump Trucks and Water Trucks, through strong communication, positive communication, UHF radio, eye contact and thorough knowledge of procedures in civil construction.

2017-2018 sub-contracted to Civil & Allied Technical Construction Pty Ltd and Consolidated Power Projects Australia Pty Ltd to carry out grader works at Mount Emerald Wind Farm, Walkamin QLD.  Main access road and tower access roads including 53 wind turbine pads.


  • To build long term relationships with customers and provide exceptional and cost effective service. 
  • Practical knowledge and experience to complete a project. 
  • Provide quality on time service.

Quality Policy

MDB Excavations Pty Ltd provides Safe construction and maintenance services on civil, pipelines, building, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and construction projects. We are fully committed to our core values.  Our goal is to grow the business through excellence in project delivery and satisfying our customers.  In particular, we have established and will maintain, review and continually improve our programme for management of quality as applied to the provision of our activities. This programme requires us to:

  • Understand customer requirements and measure customer satisfaction.
  • Plan project delivery processes to minimise risk and realise budget and schedule objectives.
  • Monitor and measure processes and deliverables to demonstrate compliance with requirements.
  • Take timely action to prevent occurrence or recurrence of nonconformity.
  • Complete all projects defect free.
  • Continually improve all areas of the business, to the benefit of all interested parties.

Work Health & Safety Policy

MDB Excavations Pty Ltd is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.

We are committed to complying with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011, codes of practice and other safety guidance material.

MDB Excavations Pty Ltd will:

  • Ensure the business complies with all legislation relating to health and safety
  • Eliminate or minimise all workplace hazards and risks as far as is reasonably practicable
  • Take reasonable care for their own health and safety
  • Follow safe work procedures, instructions and rules
  • Report health and safety hazards
  • Report all injuries and incidents
  • Use safety equipment and personal protective equipment


  • Public Liability & Products Liability Insurance
  • Work cover Queensland

Licences & Permits – Michael Brook

  • HC Driver License  
  • Safety Induction (Construction Industry) – 30215QLD

 OHS Certifications Australia – ID 00061574

  • Cert No. 014237861 – Issued 29/08/1994 – Front-end loader (Engine capacity more than 2L)
  • Cert No. 014237831 – Issued 29/08/1994 – LG Grader
  • Cert No. 014237841 – Issued 29/08/1994 – LE Excavator (Engine capacity more than 2L)
  • Cert No. 014237851 – Issued 29/08/1994 – LB Backhoe (Engine capacity more than 2L)




  • Kubota Excavator – 8.5 Tonne
  • 2018 KX080-3SLA Super Series Hydraulic Excavator
  • Tilting Hitch
  • 300mm, 450mm & 900mm General Purpose Buckets
  • 1500mm Mud Bucket
  • Digga PD6 Auger Drive C/W 300mm, 450mm & 600mm A6 MFT Augers
  • Ripper Tyne
  • 450mm Earthmaster Compaction Wheel
  • Factory Fitted Burst Valve to Boom

  • Kenworth 6 x 4 Tipper
  • Dual Axle Tag Float


  •    Excavating highways and roads
  •    Detailed Excavation
  •    Excavation & site preparation  
  •    Sewerage works
  •    Batters and table drains
  •    Bulk earthworks
  •    Trenching
  •    Fence post holes
  •    Retaining walls
  •    Block levelling
  •    House pads
  •    Building pads
  •    Locating services
  •    Storm clean-ups
  •    Dams
  •    Transport
  •    Gabion baskets

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  • 1985 Kennedy Hwy, Speewah QLD, Australia

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