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Clagiraba, QLD 4211


Geotechnical Engineering Solutions Gold Coast/ Brisbane area in Queensland

We are solution focused consulting engineers. We take complex ground engineering problems and break them up into manageable components to come up with practical solutions. We think outside the box to produce cost effective solutions. As one of the oldest geotechnical firms in the south east Queensland of Australia, our footprints can be found all over the place.


Geotechnical, Environmental and Groundwater Engineering Gold Coast / Brisbane

Maiden Geotechnics specializes in the fields of geotechnical, geo- environment and groundwater engineering. The company provides services for small, medium and major developments for residential, commercial and industrial developments. We use the state of art computer software for our engineering analysis to solve complex engineering problems. Our clients include individuals, small, medium, large and public organizations. Our projects include roads, railways, bridges and dams. 

Maiden Geotechnics – Your specialist in

  1. Soil testing for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
  2. Geotechnical investigation, analysis and design for major developments and complex structures.
  3. Slopes stability assessments and remediation design.
  4. Acid sulphate soils and acid mine drainage
  5. Bulk earthworks coordination.
  6. Contaminated land management.
  7. Management of waste disposal and storage.
  8. Groundwater dewatering management plan.
  9. Groundwater quality monitoring and modelling.

Computer Softwares We Use - Engineering Applications

Software from Rocscience

  1. SLIDE 6.0 Slope Stability analysis program
  2. DIPS Graphical and statistical analysis of orientation data
  3. PHASE2 8.0 Excavation and support design
  4. SETTLE3D Settlement and soft clay consolidation and drawdown Analyses

Software from Ensoft Inc.

  1. LPILE Analysis of laterally loaded piles from Ensoft Inc

BorinGs Borehole log preparation from Ensoft Inc

Software from GEOPRO for windows:

  1. Bearing Capacity Analysis
  2. Square/Rectangular Footing
  3. Rectangular Combined Footing
  4. Trapezoidal Combined Footing
  5. Stress below Rectangular Areas
  6. Slope Stability – Bishop Analysis
  7. Settlement Analysis
  8. Time Rate of Settlement
  9. Vertical Stress below Surface
  10. Lateral Stress due to Surcharge
  11. Lateral Earth Pressure Profile
  12. Anchored Sheet Pile Wall
  13. Flow Net Analysis
  14. Earth Reinforcement
  15. Cantilever Retaining Wall
  16. Beam on Elastic Foundation
  17. Laterally Loaded Pile
  18. Circular Footing
  19. Cantilever Sheet Pile Wall
  20. Circular Cellular Cofferdams
  21. Settlement on Sand
  22. Single Pile Axial Capacity
  23. Non-Circular Slope Stability
  24. Plane Slope Stability
  25. Slope Stability (ordinary)
  26. Reinforced Slope Stability
  27. Slope Stability (infinite)
  28. Over-consolidated Clay Settlement
  29. Excavation Dewatering
  30. Consolidation with Sand Drains

Software from Geologismiki Geotechnical Systems

  1. CLIG Analysis
  2. CPET-IT For the analysis of CPT Results

SECTION MAKER Borehole Sections

  1. CIRCLY – Pavement Analysis Program from Minicad         
  2. KALEILOGRAPH Data analysis/graphing application
  3. DESIGN STUDIO Borehole log preparation application

Journal Papers

Karikari-Yeboah, O. & Addai-Mensah, J. 2017: Assessing the impact of preload on pyrite-rich sediment for changes in groundwater quality for irrigation purposes – Environ Monit. & Assess (2017) 189: 58.

Karikari-Yeboah, O., Skinner, W. & Addai-Mensah, J. (2018): The impact of preload on the mobilisation of multivalent trace metals in pyrite-rich sediment– Environ Monit Assess (2018) 190: 398.

Karikari-Yeboah, O., Skinner, W. & Addai-Mensah, J. (2019): Anaerobic pyrite oxidation in naturally-occurring pyrite-rich sediment under preload surcharge – Monit. Assess. DOI: 10.1007/s10661-019-7289-3


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