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Mackie Plumbing is an independent, locally owned and operated business. We have been servicing the greater Cairns and surrounding regions for over 25 years.

We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise and all our plumbers are up to date with current regulations. We perform with a high standard of work and ethics.

Our happy team is willing to assist with all your plumbing related requirements.

All Internal & External Taps / Mixers

Leaking Sinks / Tubs / Vanities

Shower Heads / Hand Held Showers / Diverters / Bath Spouts

Toilet Cisterns / Pans / Suites

Washing Machine / Dishwasher hoses

Full Bathroom / Kitchen / Laundry Investigations & Modifications

Replacement of Vanity Units

Replacement of any size

Upgrades to larger tanks

Relocations / Modifications

Replacement of Valves

Leak Investigations

Specialised leak detection equipment using gas or acoustic

Full investigations of internal / external water leaks

Full investigations of bathrooms / kitchens / laundries

Repair of minor bursts in walls / under slabs / in dirt

Replacement of partial or entire internal or external water lines on both hot & cold

Full range of equipment to carry out repairs (excavators / jack hammers / wall chasing tools)

Specialised high-pressure water jetter designed to cut and clear obstructions

Specialised drain camera and location equipment

Repairs of minor cracked / sunken / tree root damaged sewer or stormwater lines

Replacement of partial or entire sewer / stormwater lines

Full range of equipment to carry out repairs (excavators / jack hammers)


Full servicing &/or replacement of all tapware / mixers

Full investigations of under sink / vanity / tub leaks

Replacement of flexy / dishwasher / washing machine hoses

Full servicing &/or replacement of shower sets / heads / hand held showers

Full servicing &/or replacement of toilet cisterns (plastic or china) / pan collar rubbers / toilet pans / toilet suites

Replacement of Vanity Units

Dishwasher Installation

Fridge Water Connections & Installation

WELS (Water Efficiency) audits

Full internal bathroom / kitchen investigations to determine the cause of water entry into another room

Bathroom / Kitchen Modifications

Pre-Purchase Inspections


Installation &/or replacement of Hot Water Systems (45L; 50L; 80L; 125L; 160L; 250L; 315L; 400L)

Relocation of internal / external tanks

Full investigations of leaking Hot Water Systems

We adhere to all QBCC Plumbing Regulations


Noticed a green damp spot on the lawn? Water exiting a stormwater line? Water escaping from pavers or cracks in concrete? Water meter ticking over? Notified by Council of high water usage? An audible hissing noise?

This may be the tell-tale sign you have a water leak. You may need a professional Leak Detection service to locate the source of the leak. Once the leak is found, you will be provided with options for repairs.

Mackie Plumbing offers leak detection services for hidden/concealed underground (concrete / pavers / garden beds / lawn) water leaks.


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