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Old Guildford, NSW 2161


Sydney’s leading concrete services provider

MAA Cutting is a concrete services business, dedicated to providing the absolute best quality concrete cutting, core drilling, and concrete scanning services. We were founded by Mahmoud Ajouz, a consummate professional who has been providing his clients with top quality concreting services for over a decade. We are based out of Guilford and offer our services Sydney-wide. The team at MAA Cutting is comprised of experienced and professional concreters, who are passionate about offering our customers the best service possible.

Our services

At MAA Cutting, there is no job too big or small, we are passionate about offering our services to absolutely any project. We offer a comprehensive range of concreting services which allows us to assist our customers on a wide variety of projects.

Some of our services include:

Concrete cutting

Concrete cutting refers to the process of cutting into existing concrete and is typically performed in order to make room for windows, doors, or other architectural features. The process of concrete cutting can also be utilised to refinish floors to increase their stability and structural integrity.

Core drilling

Core drilling refers to the use of a diamond core drill to drill clean holes through existing concrete walls, floors, and pillars. This is typically done to accommodate cabling, such as water, gas, electricity, etc. Holes can be drilled at a variety of widths in order to accommodate different piping and cabling sizes.

Concrete scanning

Concrete scanning is an essential process for any tradesperson looking to perform work on existing concrete fixtures, structures, or slabs. By scanning the concrete, we are able to mark out any existing cabling or piping, as well as any rebar or other metals which have been used to structure the concrete.


  • Concrete Cutting 
  • Core Drilling 
  • Concrete Sawing
  • Concrete Scanning

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  • Old Guildford NSW 2161
  • Sylvania NSW 2224
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  • 7-1 Mullens St, Balmain NSW 2041, Australia
  • Blaxland NSW 2774

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