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Locally owned , operated and insured. Lismore Tree Services are accredited, Certified Arborists proving professional service for all your tree needs.


Whether performing standard arboriculture works or larger more extensive projects our dynamic team of Arborists and operators are fully capable. Over the last 35 years our reputation to complete jobs safely, efficiently and cost effectively has been proven.

LTS currently has 10 employees. Jake Cubis has an Arborist Cert V diploma. We have 4 qualified Arborists each with over 10 years’ industry experience and one employee currently undertaking a certificate III traineeship in Arboriculture and 2 qualified Horticulturist. Our staff size allows us to work in multiple skilled and effective teams, without the comprised leadership and experience levels you may get in larger companies.

Something that sets us apart and gives us a competitive edge are our two travelling EWP towers. We believe they are the most productive combination for Urban street tree management and rural roads vegetation management  

• Our 10 metre EWP has a built-in internal stabilizing bar. This eliminates the need for stabilizing legs. This tower is very handy for doing work on small street trees, but where it really excels is on rural roadside height clearance pruning jobs. No legs and being able to move quickly between trees mean more productivity and more trees pruned per hour.

• Our second EWP reaches 24 metres high and has an outreach of 11m. Its lightweight Italian design is mounted on a lightweight truck with a small 6.5 by 2.5 footprint. This means it can be manoeuvred into a lot more places that most EWPs that are on large medium or heavy rigid trucks. And with 24m height and 11m outreach there really isn’t much it won’t reach and allows us to complete any job with increased safety and productivity

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  • 187 Casino St, South Lismore NSW 2480, Australia

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