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Lippway Pty Ltd

Rocklea, QLD 4106


Lippway Pty Ltd  is a liquid waste transport company specializing in the removal, transport and disposal of liquid/semi liquid waste using vacuum trucks and tankers.

  • Wet Hire vac tanker hire
  • Wet Hire Vac truck 
  • Wet hire sucker truck 
  • Wet and Dry Vacuum excavation trucks 

 Our vacuum trucks and tankers include:

Rigid body vacuum trucks:

  •    Gullysuckers (Liquid waste and NDD – Non Destructive Digging)
  •    Kingvac (Liquid/dry waste and NDD – Non Destructive Digging)

Prime movers/Tankers

  • Single semi vacuum tankers (25,000L Capacity)
  • B double vacuum tankers (36,000L Capacity)

Other equipment 

  • 45' Drop deck trailer that we can configure as a b double which we use to transport bulk waste.
  • Potable water trailer (30,000L Capacity) Used to provide drinking water to mining camps/sites.


  • Waste transport 
  • Liquid waste transport
  • Sucker truck services 
  • NDD service location
  • NDD 

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