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Lewis Water Boys

Locations for Lewis Water Boys

28 Tennyson Road, Tennyson, NSW 2754

Overview of Lewis Water Boys

Lewis Waterboys is a proud family owned business established in 1999. Operating water carts for roadworks and dust suppression, stabilizing, profiling using fan sprays dribble bars and a water cannon. All tanks are aluminium and supply water for swimming pools and drinking water for tanks and dams, or to spray horse arenas and driveways. We have 3 Water carts with 13,500 litre tanks. 

Services offered by Lewis Water Boys

Our Water Carts are used for but not limited to:

  • Landscape watering
  • Dust control
  • Roadworks
  • We also deliver water for water tanks
  • Swimming pools

We have all the necessary equipment & attachments for your next on-site job, whether it be for residential landscaping, driveway excavation or even roadworks and construction projects.

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