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Our design approach is what sets us apart.

Laker Group’s structural and civil engineers work with an end goal in mind. First we try and clarify what the end client expects from our service.

Second we turnaround the critical pathway to our design service as quick as possible so other parties can continue their project work.

The results of this is an efficient engineering business that can out perform any other engineering business in the sector.

Our Values

Clients & Project Managers

This means for the client or project manager, that you will feel like we will go beyond the scope of work to understand how we can assist with project quality assurance and delivery rather than provide assistance and service solely relating to structural and civil engineering.


Focussing on the solutions that provide outcomes which are beneficial towards achieving an environmental goal


Ensuring the reach of services extend to all parts of the nation, bringing the national experience approach at a local level.


Leaders in offering high-quality assurance standards and practice as abided by across Federal and State requirements

Laker Group has quickly developed a reputation as one of Australia’s leading civil & structural engineering consultants.

The team involved at Laker Group posses great knowledge of the engineering sector and their vast experiences facilitating advice across many fields gives clients confidence.

The team can provide an exceptional engineering solutions for projects whether they be large of small.


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  • 168 Eighth Street, Mildura VIC, Australia
  • 2/1 Cookson St, Camberwell VIC, Australia

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