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Kenthurst, NSW 2156


A detail-oriented, safety-focused Excavator Operator with significant years of experience in
operating heavy machineri

variety of project settings. Experience working in extreme conditions for extended time periods. A
fast-learner who is u of hard work, first to step up to a challenge, and able to adapt and overcome
problems faced on a daily basis.

Key Skills & Attributes

• Currently holds First Aid Certificate, White Card, Excavator and Posi-Track, EWP (up to 11
meters), Moxi, Front End Loader Tickets, Railway Enduced, and a Driver’s License

• Knowledge of operating Excavator and other heavy equipment, as well as all pre-check
procedures, road construction materials, road construction processes and industry requirements

• Completed Earthmoving Accredited Training and Assessment on a one on one basis

• Adheres to all health, safety and environmental regulations and ensures all work is done in a
manner which enhan the safety of the work environment

• Promotes a team approach and maintains dialogue with all employees to exchange information and
gather ideas


Work between M4 and Kurnell landfill between  Excavator and Posi for bulk loading and detailed levelling with laser•

Perform routine assignments in the safe operation of heavy equipment used in landfill construction and maintenance•

Support and mentor other less experienced landfill and trucking staff in executing tasks and other related work duties•

Abided by the company Health and Safety policy, this includes proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE)•

Assisted pipe layers where required, lowered pipes using excavator in accordance with Safety Instruction•

Dug out and or spread soil and rock by suitably selecting and utilizing a variety of specialist attachments•

Excavated according to specific written and verbal direction, including physical markers•

Ensured safe work procedures are followed during the lowering of materials into the excavation•

 contracted with NorthConnex and WestConnex Tunnel Projects, operating an Excavator and machines  with rock saws and hammers to complete detailed work and clean up debris•

Worked with major civil companies, from the railways to earthmoving companies,  Excavators, Posi-tracks or Bobcats, , Water trucks, and Boom lifts•

Performed safe and efficient operation of the construction excavator that uses mechanical controls to operate the boom, arm and bucket to excavate, level off and work the ground•

Operated the excavator with grabs to place the tree in the chipper, load the large loads with Posi and log grabs, and load on flatbed trucks•

Ensured standards are met by inspecting equipment for safety and performing necessary basic maintenance tasks•

Determined tree removal techniques/methods and changed methods, if necessary, to eliminate unsafe conditions•

Operated  excavators completing detailed and Civil works•

Observed condition of equipment and materials used to ensure company standards are met and promptly reported any possible problem and defect•

Performed other assigned duties and responsibilities related to the nature of the job on a temporary basis as needed

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Posi Track (1)

Track Mounted Excavator (1)


  • Pitt Town Road, Kenthurst NSW, Australia

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