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The team at HVE know and understand our business and specialise in finding the right solution in a timeframe and to a budget to suit our clients.  Talk to us so that we can help you find the right solution for your project.

HVE Hydro Vac Excavations is a locally owned and operated family business based in Cairns and servicing Far North Queensland.

Since 2005 we have been offering our clients safe excavating and high pressure cleaning services underpinned by our prompt, professional values and commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

At HVE we use a unique combination of high pressure water blasting and vacuum loading to deliver specialised services in non-destructive excavating and pot holing, vacuum loading (wet and dry), drain and culvert cleaning, pipe ferreting and high pressure water blasting.

Our varying high pressure water blasting techniques avoids use of chemicals, and our hydraulically sealed vacuum units ensure all waste water and residues are contained within the unit until required to expel at regulated waste sites.

HVE Hydro-Vac Excavations is E.P.A. certified in carrying regulated wastes.

We understand and respect the environmental issues related to living and working in such a naturally enriched and uniquely beautiful part of the world and strive at all times to work to best practice environmental standards.



Hydro Vac Excavations FNQ uses 4m3 hydro-vac units to deliver a unique combination of high pressure water jetting and vacuum loading to simultaneously excavate and remove soil.

Our superior, custom built combo units are able to excavate deeper and further in a quicker time.

In contrast to manual or mechanical digging methods, our process of using water to break up soil is non-destructive and can be applied to a variety of infrastructure and construction projects, including but not limited to:

  • trenching for electrical conduits
  • pot holing to determine the exact depths of underground assets
  • excavations for footings, rag bolts etc.
  • sinking of piers
  • excavations for replacing and removing electrical pits

As our techniques will not harm poly or concrete pipes, cables or optic fibre we are able to mitigate accidental damage of underground services thus saving clients’ time and costly repairs.


Our flexible 4m3 combo Hydro/vac units have the ability to vacuum both wet and dry materials.  When combined with the fact that our operators are certified for Confined Space Entry, HVE offers the perfect, comprehensive solution for the cleaning of pits, tanks and any hard to access areas.

Thanks to their hydraulically sealed tanks, our equipment is capable of collecting a huge range of wet and dry substances including concrete slurries and cement, clays, brick and woodchips as well as liquids and oily water.

The vacuum system can also be used to draw ropes and strings through conduits for electrical cabling.


The HVE FNQ drain cleaner has the capability to easily clean large commercial and industrial storm water drains and culverts.

The unit uses high volume water of 245 litres/min and, with our various attachments, can clear debris from storm water systems easily and effectively.

Ideal for cleaning drainage systems from 200mm to 900mm diameter, our drain cleaning unit allows us to service councils and industrial sites requiring storm water systems cleared prior to the wet season or developers who need to clear their drainage and stormwater systems in new building estates prior to hand over to local Councils.



HVE Hydro Vac Excavations has the latest in electronic cable and pipe locating equipment, and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). These services can be used to determine the location of underground assets prior to excavation. We recommend using non-destructive excavation methods after locations to accurately determine the depths.
Electronic cable and pipe locating services are perfect for surveyors prior to earthworks on any building site, or dertermining the lay of underground assets prior to building or renovations.
HVE Hydro Vac Excavations' Owner, Les, is an accredited Telstra Underground Plant Asset Locator for both Copper and Fibre Networks.



Our high pressure, environmentally safe water blasting services are ideal for all high pressure cleaning tasks.

Our unique process is chemical free and relies on the high pressure water blaster delivered from the hydro/combo units and specialised fittings and techniques.

Perfect for concrete or paved driveways, paths or any surface requiring heavy duty cleaning, recent water blasting projects in boat ramps and air ducting systems.

Used in conjunction with our vacuum system and the experience of our certified operators at working in confined spaces, we are also able to clean tanks, traps or pits.

In addition to major water blasting projects, Hydro Vac’s specialised attachments enable us to quickly and efficiently clean small and large concreted and paved areas.

Our equipment is suitable for domestic driveways or large warehouse floors and everything in between.


Using our ferreting system, pipes from 32mm up to 200mm can be flushed clean of debris and build up, ideal for small storm water drains and downpipes, and blocked electrical conduits.

When combined with our larger drain and culvert cleaning equipment, this system allows us  to offer the full scope of cleaning services to our clients.

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