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2522 River Road, Jingellic, NSW 2642

Overview of Hirst works

Hirst works offers a wide array of forestry, fire, earth and environmental services. Based on the border of south east NSW and NE VIC we specialise in steep and rugged terrain operations. With a commitment to providing high quality, efficient and safe works in the most challenging environments. 
With our unique Menzi Muck A111 we can perform work on slopes of 45° and above, wade to a depth of two meters and carry a variety of implements. 
The forestry spec cabin with ROPS, FOPS and polycarbonate shielding ensure compliance with safety standards for all forest and fire work. 
The A111's design minimises ground impact and allows the machine to conform to the terrain for safe stable operation in any environment. 

The A111 is equipped with a range of implements including;
- feller processor 
-‎ mulcher 
-‎ winch 
-‎ digging buckets and more

Services offered by Hirst works

ForestryHazardous Tree Mitigation - Mulching

FireFire Line Construction - Rehabilitation -Tree Assessment

EarthworksExcavation - Earth-moving - Drainage & Water Catchment

EnvironmentMinimal Environmental Impact Earthworks

AccessSteep & Inaccessible or Space Restricted Work

SafetySafe working procedures in some of the most challenging environments

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