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Green Hornet has a huge range of garden supplies in stock including bulk and bagged soils, composts, mulches and loam from Adelaide's leading suppliers. We have 25 Years of Landscaping & Gardening Experience.

Open 7 days a week the friendly and experienced team at Green Hornet have got all your landscaping supplies covered with the best brands and quality products.

You can order our bulk product in the exact quantity you need or you can choose from pre-packed bags or Bulka bags (also known as bulk bags) so no matter whether you have a small or large project, we’ve got you covered.

Our friendly sales team can help you estimate how much mulch, soil or compost you need and which products will best suit your requirements. We’ve got plenty of front end loaders in the yard and our team is always on standby to use our measured scoops to load you up and get you on your way. Mulch is one of our most popular landscaping products. Not only is it fantastic for helping retain moisture in the soil and protecting plant roots from the extremes of temperature, but it also helps suppress weed growth and adds beneficial nutrients to the soil.

We stock a complete range of mulches from plain mulches, fortified mulches which feed and condition your soil right through to decorative coloured mulches that can add a real design statement to your garden. They are easy to spread and can be supplied in bulk quantities by the cubic metre or in 30-litre bags.

Compost is great for building good soil structure and maintaining a neutral PH balance. It feeds the microbes in the soil to create a nutrient-rich soil base, promotes stronger healthy roots and adds organic carbon into the soil. Our compost range is available in bulk quantities by the cubic meter or is available in 30-litre bags.

Our range of Jeffries garden soils are no ordinary soils. The Jeffries special soil comes with added gypsum to break down the clay in the garden beds for better drainage and aeration as well as being rich in organic matter. The veggie and garden soil comes with added blood and bone to provide all the key nutrients to feed your plants and veggies and promote healthy strong roots.   

Loam provides good drainage whilst being able to retain moisture and contains plenty of microscopic organisms which add valuable nutrients to the soil. Our range of loams are available in bulk quantities and sold by the cubic meter.

Equipment for Hire

What's more, if you need a little help on the job we’ve got a range of equipment for hire including:

✓ Compactors

✓ Brick saws

✓ Water rollers

✓ Lawn spreaders

✓ Brick cutting service


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