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Geoline can supply and install geosynthetic materials for your project.

We specialise in impermeable liners for ponds, dams, lagoons, tanks, landfill cells/ caps, floating covers, heap leach pads and channels.

Dam Liners

What dam liner should I use?

Excavating a dam and expecting it to hold water is wishful thinking at best. Depending on the ground you have excavated, chances are the material won’t be impermeable (definition- not allowing fluid to pass through).

Impermeable liners come in the form of:

CCL (compacted clay liner)- where good quality earthen fill / clay is placed and compacted in lifts until a 1meter layer is achieved.

GCL ProductGeomembrane ProductGCL (geosynthetic clay liner) – a geotextile sandwich that encompasses a layer of bentonite, usually placed under 300mm of earthen cover.

Geomembrane – a geosynthetic liner system that forms an impermeable barrier.

Dam liner choice is best determined by what natural resources you have available to you. If you have enough good quality earthen fill material available, a CCL liner could be a good option. However this type of liner construction also requires lots of earthmoving machinery and expertise to achieve an impermeable liner.

A GCL – geosynthetic clay liner system is great if you have earthmoving machinery and 300mm of reasonable earthen cover available (better result achieved if the earthen cover itself is imperious to some degree).

A geomembrane dam liner system is the most full proof system as you place the water directly on top of the liner system. You can easily identify if there is liner damage and repair it. A geomembrane dam liner can be installed anywhere as long as the sub-grade is a dry, smooth surface with no protrusions.


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Dam Liners


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