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Gaia Civil (guy-uh)

Gaia Civil is an earth moving company which primarily focused on the earth moving needs of the agricultural sector, Also doing shire works and main roads but our main focus is and all ways will be the farmers of the great southern region. Providing high quality jobs and best prices

My father has been working in this industry for over 45 years and I have for the past 8. We have noticed the most farmers aren?t getting the best deal on offer in the earthmoving industry. .

That's where we're different. Offering discounts. Obligation free quotes. Fixed price quotes so what we say it will cost is what it will cost!! And we don't stuff around we are there to work and work hard!

So give us a call and have a discussion with us about any inquiries you may have or anything that you feel we may do better. We all ways strive for Customer satisfaction in all areas of work.

Basically, we are a one stop shop for any needs associated with earth moving, transport, tree removal/mulching, tree farm rehabilitation And much more.

Thank you for your time Hope to hear from you soon

Dean Thomsen (director) Gaia Civil (guy-uh)



  • construction new drains (V-drains, flat bottom V-drain, W-drains, water ways, water catchments moon drains and more) All to a .5% fall where possible. We also know how to slow water down on steep drains. From woo backs, snaking drain, step downs, rock pitching etc.

  • Maintenance Grading (Cleaning out old Drain, grading drive ways/lane ways, fixing drains that's aren't working properly, fence line levelling etc.)

  • constructing new lane ways/drive ways, constructing large shed pads/house pads.


  • clearing (fence lines, blocks etc.)
  • loading out trucks, levelling blocks.
  • ripping and pushing up gravel.
  • much more.


  • building house pads
  • site clean ups
  • build round yards horse arenas
  • cleaning out cattle/sheep yards
  • spreading clean fill/mulch
  • land scaling workers
  • retaining wall prep.
  • back filling trenches
  • much more


  • pushing out dams
  • clears fence lines
  • pushing up gravel
  • levelling tree plantations
  • Rehab work of old tree plantations
  • much more


  • side tippers
  • 6 wheelers
  • grain carting
  • float work
  • hay carting
  • sand gravels and other soil carting
  • also can supply most areas with sand, gravel, mulch.
  • much more


  • cleaning out dams with long reach
  • digging out drains
  • digging out soaks/dams
  • digging dead holes
  • digging teachers for pipe works
  • digging out and laying sub soil coil pipes and backfilling
  • Knocking trees down.
  • much more.

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Grader (1)

Smooth Drum Roller (1)

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Track Mounted Excavator (2)

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  • 222 Chester Pass Road, Walmsley WA, Australia
  • 138 climie road

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