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Fraser Coast Mini Excavation was established in 2007 by Anthony Depaoli, Bundaberg and the Sunshine Coast, in Tinana. Their services are backed by 32 years’ experience within the building industry and therefore they are a preferred choice among excavation jobs within the Frasier Region and beyond.

They provide exceptional services such as trenching, footings, slab preps, landscaping and garden removal, drainage, post hole boring, and stump removal. They ensure that any projects done are delivered with a high rate of quality and ensure that every client is pleased with each projects outcome.

Fraser Coast Mini Excavation put an emphasis on safety, strictly following all Australian laws and regulations around earthmoving work. We prioritise our clients need for a swift, safe project above anything else.


The services that we provide range from footings to landscaping, garden removal to drainage, and many more. The equipment we use is a compact 2-tonne excavator with multiple buckets including tilting 1mtr, and a post hole boring and tipping trailer for hire. This can provide other services to be delivered out by the team at Fraser Coast Mini Excavation, from detailed footing, trenching, slab and driveway prep with laser guidance, tree, and garden removal.

Our operator is experienced 32 years and operate on wet hire only. Firstly, we provide slab and concrete prep, meaning we can prep for concrete to perfection with laser guidance, tilting 1mtr bucket, product delivery, and removal.

We can even supply and install formwork and steel reinforcing. We provide laser guidance for a one-man operation to achieve level or graded subgrade and final trim. Our post and hole boring will provide an efficient, fast and cost-effective service for your next landscaping or civil project. We have 450mm, 300mm and 200mm augers available at any time on any project.

Lastly, we provide trenching, which we can deliver detailed and strip footings and offer 600mm and 300mm digging buckets for pipe, cabling, sewer, water, electrical, data trenching. We also have a tilting 1mtr wide bucket for drains set to laser guidance technology which provides us with the extensive skills and high performance in which we can deliver.

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