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Our company provides a full range of paving services in Perth backed by extensive industry experience. We also work with customisable concrete inlays..

If you are building a new home and looking for the best possible way to utilise your outdoor space and to complete the look of your property, there’s no need to look further. We understand your needs and we can help you provide the best outdoor flooring solutions that look great and will last you for years..

Even if you are looking to renovate your outdoor space to give your house a complete makeover, we can work within your budget to build attractive layouts. We specialise in driveways, pathways, patios, and areas surrounding the pool. Based on your requests we can also work with our materials on any area you choose. Our customers receive nothing less than the best outdoor flooring solutions available in Perth. We are able to achieve this by putting together a dedicated team that has ample experience and constantly looks for new and innovative designs to work on.

At Fluid Limestone, we value customer satisfaction above anything else.

You will find that our services are prompt, efficient, and timely. Most important of all, we deliver customised solutions that will fit within your budget. We constantly work with different materials to accommodate each and every customer’s vision within their varying budget.

The materials we use are up to Australian standards. Also, the materials lend themselves to be customised. This helps us accomplish the colour, texture, and the feel you wished for. If you are looking to renovate your outdoor space, we can work to fit your pre-existing colour scheme.

For professional and efficient services that deliver incredible value for your money, call us today on 0421 319 997 to speak to our customer service team. Applying a New Liquid Limestone Surface

One of the most appealing things about liquid limestone is the ease with which it can be applied in almost any area of the home. There are several stages to the application process, which is normally as follows:

Preparation – How much preparation work is required will depend on the state of the existing surface. In some cases it may be necessary to bring in more earth to create a level surface. In any case, we will need to compact and level the existing area until it is ready for the application of the liquid limestone.

Creating the Mixture – The next stage involves the mixing of crushed limestone and concrete, in the desired quantities, ready to pour over the area in question.

Once the mixture has been created, it can be poured over the already levelled and compacted area. If you have not chosen to add exposed aggregate, this will be the final stage. If you have decided to add exposed aggregate to your limestone surface, we will then move on to the next stage.

Before the mixture dries, we will spray it with a surface retarder, to keep the very top layer wet. This is allow us to add exposed aggregate – gravel and stones of varied shapes and sizes – to the top layer and then, once it has partially set, to spread this exposed aggregate with a roller and push broom.


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