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Custom Data Analytics Services

We believe good analytics doesn't have to be hard or expensive.

With the creation of a transport industry analytics platform, we provide an inexpensive and fully functional analytics platform for our customers without breaking the bank. Experience the feeling of having analytics designed specifically for your needs.

Solutions include;

- Heavy Vehicles

- Yellow Plant

- Preventative Maintenance

- Aviation

- Maritime

- Fuel Tax Credits

- Regulatory Compliance

- Agriculture

Our story

Fleetyr was established in 2020 by a handful of award-winning and talented people from a diverse BI consulting and business development backgrounds with the vision of having the “the freedom to create”.

This creativity manifested in the development of easy-to-use operational analytics that puts real insights back into the hands of the decision-makers. We bake scalability into our products and bring industry-leading analytics to the table so that no matter what size a customer is, everyone can find opportunity for improving their fleet operations.

With decades of experience and the best technology infrastructure available, we are able to develop, deploy and deliver actionable insights in record time, without the eye-watering invoices.

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