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Ezy Earthworx Excavation

Wallarah, NSW 2259



We are a family owned and operated excavation company serving the Central Coast, Hunter, Newcastle and Sydney regions. We offer a large range of services designed to allow the business to do what ever it takes to finish a project. We supply Civil, Industrial, Residential Excavation and Earth moving solutions, from tight access to large excavations, bulk outs and haulage. We have the latest and modern fleet of equipment including excavators, tippers and posi track loaders. All our operators are fully trained and experienced. All machines are registered and civil spec.

With an extensive background in excavation, haulage, land clearing, road constructions, landscaping and sub division work we have the extended experience in getting the job done safely, cost effectively and a timely manner.



Ezy earthworx strives not only to meet the customer and clients expectations but to exceed them. We are committed to providing our customers with cost effective solutions and competitive pricing in construction and excavation services while ensuring the quality, schedule and budget goals meet or exceed their expectations, regardless of the project size.



We pride ourselves on the ability to maintain repeat business. Our growth is supported by the services we offer, our clients both in the field and at an administrative level. Building and maintaining clear and communicative business relations, that stand long term is well evident in our daily rituals. We strive to not only meet but exceed our customer expectations in effort to gain loyalty and long term partnerships with them



Ezy earthworx is committed to securing and maintaining the confidence of its clients and customers by providing quality resources and services to be able to meet client and customer demands at the highest level of competency.

Ezy earthworx will proactively endeavour to achieve this objective by:

·       Providing appropriate resources and services to comply with applicable laws, standards, documentation and contractual requirements. 

·       Responding promptly to customer/client queries and concerns, to ensure their needs are satisfied to the highest level of competency.

·       Seek feedback from staff, clients and customers, to improve in anyway possible.

·       Communicate its quality policies and procedures to staff to ensure that they understand their responsibilities and roles in delivery a quality service every time.   

·       Periodically reviewing and revising its quality assurance policy to ensure it remains relevant to Ezy earthworx’s goals and objectives.



Are to continually strive and improve on the quality and performance we deliver.

Continuously measure, monitor and analyse all business areas and operations to prompt continuos improvement and efficiency. 




5.5 tonne excavator, Large Posi Track Loader and Bogie tipper.

Access roads and driveway construction

Site levelling 

Fire Breaks 

Land clearing

Bulk Excavation and haulage

Acerage tidy up

Sandstone retaining walls


Green Waste/ Vegetation Removal

Fencing Preparation

Site Cleans Ups

Stump And Small Tree Removal

Detailed Excavations

Post Hole Digging - Augering / Pireing


Contracting Work

Building Site Clean Ups

Removal Of Old Concrete Driveways

Driveway Preparation

Spreading Of Fill

Soil Removal

Supply Of Landscaping Materials.

Turf Preparation And Laying

Rubbish Removal

Rock/ Concrete Hammering.

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Posi Track (1)

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  • Mountain Road, Wallarah NSW, Australia

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