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Ewen Hendren Dozer HIre Pty Ltd

Machines & Services offered by Ewen Hendren Dozer HIre Pty Ltd

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9 Brigalow Street, Mulgildie, QLD 4630

Overview of Ewen Hendren Dozer HIre Pty Ltd

Ewen Hendren Dozer Hire operates 2 Komatsu dozers, D155-5 & D85-21.

Operations include clearing and grubbing trees or vegetation, stick raking, bulk earthworks, rehabilitation and erosion control.

  • Our motto is “No dozin’ around” – we deliver equipment and a service that gives you the results.
  • We stand by “No Job Too BIG or Too small”.
  • Locally owned and operated, we offer excellent value for money from a trusted, experienced team who knows what they are doing.
  • Operating since 2005, our team, led by Ewen Hendren, has 30+ years of experience in the bulldozer industry and proven customer satisfaction.
  • We are a Queensland-based locally owned operator, meaning you deal with Ewen directly on every job. 
  • Ewen is one of the best operators in this field.  His expertise is anything that a bulldozer can do or what a client requires.

Services offered by Ewen Hendren Dozer HIre Pty Ltd

Bulk Earthworks Clearing and Grubbing Stick raking Rehabilitation Civil Construction Blade Ploughing Erosion Control 3" Poly Pipe Layer Available

  • General Earthworks
  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Road Construction
  • Tree Clearing or Land Clearing
  • Civil Construction
  • Scrub Pulling
  • Pasture Renovations
  • Rehabilitation
  • Stick Raking
  • Dam Construction or Repairs
  • Erosion Control & Repairs
  • Blade Ploughing

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