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Evolution Traffic Control is a company that provides comprehensive coverage of traffic control, along with the promise of safety. They also provide traffic control equipment, and their services are available across Australia and New Zealand.

The company serves customers across industries, including government bodies, rail and road contractors, operators, and owners. Their customers also belong to the fields of power, telecommunications, infrastructure, property, and events, including sports and concerts.

Evolution Traffic Control provides various traffic control vehicles and equipment, including the following:

Variable Message Signs (VMS) Boards
These boards are solar-powered and can be utilized for traffic diversion, accident management, safety messages, and more. Customers can also use the VMS boards for road work advice, directional information, and speeding messages. Since these boards are controlled through a web-interface, they can be changed instantly from all locations.

Variable Message Signs (VMS) Utes
These VMS Utes are ideal for multi-purpose set-ups for motorist warning situations and advertising. This product ensures easy use, deployment, and visibility.

Pod Trucks
Pod Trucks contain attached arrow boards and VMS. They also include sufficient room for your equipment needs and complaint signage. The VMS boards are customizable according to your requirements.

Truck Mounted Attenuators
An attenuator is a barrier that is used to absorb energy effectively when there is a collision. These truck-mounted attenuators are ideal for traffic control and management in work zones where there is high-speed traffic.

Trailer Mounted Arrow Boards
Trailer mounted arrow boards are utilized for traffic diversion, providing directional information, and for managing accidents.


Evolution Traffic Control provides numerous services, which primarily include:

  1.  Traffic Plans and Permits
  2. Traffic Control Personnel, Fleet, and Equipment 
  3. Traffic Management 
  4. Traffic Training for drivers 

Evolution Traffic Control have services avaliable on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The company also provides special rates for customers that hire their services on a long-term basis.

Give Evolution Traffic Control a call today to discuss your traffic control needs!

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