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An Australian born innovation since 1982, Envirocycle systems are inexpensive, safe, and environmentally sensitive, making them a cutting edge solution to household wastewater treatment. Household wastewater from your bathroom, laundry and kitchen is treated in an underground unit using state of the art processes such as UV disinfection. The clean, odourless, treated water is then automatically dispersed to your prescribed irrigation system.


Envirocycle Model 10NR

The Envirocycle 10 NR is the first AWTS in Australia tested and approved under new health guidelines. It has undergone a rigorous, six month testing program, achieving better than required results in all categories. You can be confident that water treated using the Envirocycle 10 NR unit is clean, odourless and safe. In order to obtain approval, the Envirocycle Model 10 NR prototype was installed at Burwood Beach Sewage Treatment Plant in Newcastle, NSW. For six months, an average of 1,520 litres/day of raw sewage was pumped through the system (an average household of four produces only 600 litres of wastewater per day). The treated water underwent a thorough testing program overseen by JAS/ANZ accredited company, DNV Certification. The tests proved that the Envirocycle 10 NR achieves better than required results in every category set out by the Health Department guidelines.

What sets us apart from other companies is our use of UV disinfection instead of chemical dosing. Not only is this better for the environment, but you can expect your irrigation pumps, control box, and air blowers to last longer due to the absence of chemicals speeding up the deterioration of your systems components.


Treatment Systems

Envirocycle specialises in the design and installation of commercial treatment systems to suit all client needs. From custom winery treatment systems to multi-stage industrial complex systems. Envirocycle has a design system for you.

The first stage of commercial treatment is to separate the solids from the liquids. Solids remain in the first chamber where an anaerobic digestion process takes place. The digestion is accelerated by the presence of anaerobic microorganisms that multiply rapidly under ideal conditions and turn fecal solids into an inert waste. This system can be designed to regulate the flow of wastewater influent for consistent treatment. This regulation is achieved by exact inlet and outlet flow holes and discharge pumps that control the entire surface area of tanks and disperses the final treatment waste at a constant flow rate.

Like domestic waste, the treated water that comes from commercial systems must be disposed of at a nominated and council approved irrigation site. These sites can vary in design and size, therefore requiring a knowledgable technician to ensure that they are installed correctly. With over 35 years of experience in installing a range of irrigation systems for commercial clients, we assure you that Envirocycle knows how to handle this kind of job.


Suited To Your Needs

Envirocycle can supply you with a water tank for any application. Whether it be a new residential build or a multi-site industrial complex, we have a tank solution for you.


Sizes, Features, & Colours

We offer a wide range of domestic and commercial water tanks in various colours and sizes. These tanks also feature a selection of pumps and monitoring systems. For the full list, please see the information below.

Domestic Sizes

All tanks up to the RT-275 are 2.2m high. The RT-310 and the RT-365 are 2.9m high. For tanks larger than 365,000 litres, or for customised tank sizes, contact 1300 789 588 Note: Sizes listed are gross capacities. Effective capacities vary depending on the size and position of inlets and outlets.

Ongoing Service

Your Envirocycle system operates automatically and does not require you to make any adjustments or settings. However, all sewage treatment systems require regular maintenance to ensure that the effluent quality consistently meets the standards set by environmental health and safety authorities. Failure to have a stipulated service carried out could result in a breach of public health legislation and subsequent legal proceedings instigated by your local council. To avoid any legal issues, our technicians are required to regularly check and service your system under the company’s on-going maintenance agreement (a renewable annual contract).

An Envirocycle service usually consists of general maintenance, water quality tests conducted on-site, and an updated inspection record. After the service, reports are sent to regulating bodies in order to comply with their conditions of approval and to avoid any breaches of public health and safety.

Report A Maintenance Issue

Please provide some personal details and we'll get back to you shortly. If there is an emergency, please phone 1300 789 588.


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