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At Emerging Compounds Treatment Technologies (ECT2), we combine advanced treatment technology, unmatched real-world experience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence to deliver impressive results whether your biggest challenge is the contamination itself, site restrictions, timeline pressures, a very public spotlight – or all of the above. We are a specialist provider of cutting-edge technology solutions to remove emerging and difficult to treat contaminants from water and vapour. 


ECT2 is a leading global expert in PFAS water treatment with a deep and broad understanding of treatment technologies, in design, engineering, project implementation, monitoring and evaluation, operations and maintenance.

We have extensive proven Australian expertise in the management of PFAS, co-mingled with other contaminants. The compounds routinely analysed include PFAS, TRH, BTEX, major ions, metals, nutrients, turbidity, solids and other similar compounds. 

Our systems use proprietary and cost-effective approaches that leverage a range of media to enable efficient removal of contaminants and on-site regeneration. 

Our solutions are field proven, and designed with minimal waste by-products generated during the treatment processes.

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