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Eastern Recycling is a privately owned business located in Ringwood (adjacent to East Link) in Palmerston Road West, just off Heatherdale Road. We provide a range of recycling facilities to process hard waste from our local and surrounding communities.

Unlike similar recycling facilities, Eastern REcycling endeavours to do the work for you, though you are welcome when unloading to separate your waste into the relevant categories for recycling…it’s your choice.

If you don’t have any means of bringing your waste to us, call and discuss having a one of our waste bins delivered to your premises. We will then pick-up the bin and separate its contents for recycling.

Why recycle?

Recycling is no longer a matter of personal conscience. Although each of us do our bit automatically every week without thinking, the government has been for some time now applying ever increasing levies on waste into landfill, to encourage recycling and re-use. These levies now carry a carbon tax. As of July 2012 approximately $70 + GST of landfill fees are taxes and levies.

For more on recycling go to ‘The Cost of Recycling and the Waste Recycling Industry’

What ‘can’ and ‘can’t’ be recycled?

For what we can and can’t accept and process at our facility, see our ‘Our Waste Regulations’ to the right of this page.

Why us?

imageER Bin Hire is a part of Eastern Recycling at our Ringwood depot and as such has access to state-of-the-art recycling facilities. We care about the disposal of your waste, domestic or commercial.

Our drivers are professional, courteous and fully trained. They know their vehicle and its capabilities and have an excellent working knowledge of the suburbs we service.

Our bins are designed, purpose-built and maintained by us. This is important as it gives us the flexibility to create a range of useful sizes with features like doors and location points that make unloading and retrieval easier in tight places

We pride ourselves on service and have many long-term customers who use us, not because we are $5 cheaper, but because we deliver when we say we will. It’s important to coincide delivery with your machinery as ‘time is money’ - if we have a problem with a delivery time, we will ring you with an ETA.

The Cost of Recycling and the Waste Recycling Industry

imageWaste and how to dispose of it has become a major issue in Australia today.

Current government legislation aims to reduce landfill content across all states by reprocessing more domestic, commercial and industrial waste thereby reducing landfill.

To encourage reprocessing they are pushing up the cost of landfill with levies and charges such as the Carbon Pricing Mechanism (CPM), thereby making it too expensive to dispose at landfill sites in the normal fashion with common waste materials

In short the consumer will pay more for direct landfill and less to recycle.

Industries reprocessing waste are growing each year as various recycled products become economically viable through new technology. These new technologies have seen more and more of our waste put to good use in new products that are created using less raw materials and non-renewable resources.

Eastern Recycling (ER) is working to provide a cost effective alternative to landfill by extracting as much reusable material from incoming waste as is economically viable.

The average person does not realise the sorted material Eastern Recycling processes at its transfer station in Ringwood has associated costs - few materials are cheap to handle and dispose of.

Most processing facilities charge us for delivery and some are great distances away as nobody wants to live next to them. The reason they charge us is to cover their costs for the infrastructure, internal handling and sorting, transport, research and development of new processes, insurances, registration and depreciation and maintenance of equipment.

ER bears its costs, as do the facilities we provide the recyclables to.

Only by receiving these materials and being able to charge for them can these industries produce goods and make enough profit to continue trading.

These products are then put to market and purchased by many of the people that helped to create them. This ‘product cycle’ is cost-driven and all of us as consumers need to be aware that waste comes ‘at a cost’ and the more goods we acquire, the more goods we have to dispose of.

If only we thought of the disposal process when we bought something…maybe we might think twice…”Do I really need this”.


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