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Established in in 1989, our loyal clients rely on our experience and expertise to complete the job on time and to budget. Our extensive range of Solahart solar power and solar hot water system services means we’re your first point of contact.

We're highly capable of repairing leaking toilets, taps and showers, blocked drains and low water pressure. We pride ourselves on being a friendly team, easy to work with and great at what we do.

Make The Switch to Solar Power Today!

If the thought of receiving another costly electricity bill is keeping you awake at night, make the switch to solar power today! We supply an incredible range of Solahart solar panels, battery storage units and hot water systems. While your panels are storing energy outside, keep warm indoors with a wood heater or combustion stove from David Lewis Plumbing! 

For competitively priced plumbing, roofing and solar power services in Lismore district from Iluka to the Queensland border and out to Tenterfield, organise a free quote and call us today.

Leak detection

The consequences of a water leak in your home or business go beyond simply wasting water. In the event of undetected water damage, a small amount of water damage can result in a great deal more. By detecting leaks early, homeowners and companies can avoid high costs and inconvenience later on.

Our leak detection technicians arrive at your home equipped with the latest technology in leak detection. Your property doesn’t need to be dug up or torn apart to accomplish this. Instead, turning on an electronic device is all it takes to get access to the pipes.

Tools used by your technician can include:

Ultrasonic detectors: These detectors are hand-held, high-quality instruments that can help identify leaks in compressor systems.

Thermal camera: Able to both detect hidden leaks of water and their source while measuring moisture levels that are unreachable physically with moisture meters.

Acoustic elements: Identifies leaks via a detailed analysis of their sounds compared to those of normal water flow in the distribution system.

Blocked drains

Tree roots, damaged pipes, sanitary napkins, excessive paper usage, and grease are the most common causes of drain blockages. As a result of this, when a drain in your house is blocked, several fixtures inside your home will be backed up.

We tend not to think about drain pipes until a problem arises because they remain hidden until the problem occurs. However, small issues in your drains may quickly become an overflow if you do not take action.

An underground drain network connects the shower system, basin system, washbasin system, sink system, and toilet system. Urgent repairs may be required if your fixtures make sounds, are slow to drain, or emit foul odours.

Our plumbing company specialises in clearing blocked drains and pipes, including using the latest no dig technology and equipment, including hydro-jetting and sealing agents.


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