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Founded in 1990, Daly Services is committed to customer relationships and delivering quality work. Operating for over 28 years and based in Tamworth NSW, Daly Services has become one of NSW leading civil contractors and rental experts servicing areas ranging from Gunnedah, Armidale, Muswellbrook and Glen Innes.

With a comprehensive list of projects and many services available at Daly Services we ensure knowledgeable operators and expert service at every project site. Some of our notable projects include: 

  • Civil works dealing with water, power, and telecommunications
  • The Tamworth Regional Playground Project which has become a significant Australian tourist attraction
  • Work for the Dole projects - to invest and give back to the community
  • Tamworth Regional Water drainage system- built and redesigned from scratch 

Focused on the importance of value for money, at Daly service we also deliver the best price for each job, depending on its exact needs. Committed to safety our team of civil contractors are all trained and certified, qualifying them to operate the equipment provided. Machinery is also modern and undergoes regular maintenance, making safety our number one priority.

The Daly Services fleet contains:

  • Water carts
  • Exactor equipment
  • Backhoe’s
  • Posi trucks
  • 3 Point Roller and
  • A range of attachments and accessories

Here at Daly Services we have all your commercial and residential construction needs sorted. For more information on what we can provide for you or for a free quote, contact us now.


At Daly Services Pty Ltd our services extend to: 

  • Construction, Civil Construction
  • Surveying and detailed Survey Design
  • Earthworks and Civil works
  • Drainage Installation 
  • Concrete Works
  • Playground construction, Installation and Certification, Inspection and Maintenance 
  • Stormwater
  • Water sewerage installation
  • Trenching
  • Loader Hire 

Our fleet of equipment includes:

  • 3 Point Roller – perfect for any surfacing work especially wide stretches
  • Backhoe – perfect when there is earth to move equipped with a range for accessories fro all plant needs
  • Water Cart – quality carts that are reliable and tough, can withstand almost anything
  • Posi Track – perfect where space is at a premium without compromising the quality of earthworks

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