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Overview of Daly Services

Daly Services Pty Ltd has over 28 years experience in the construction industry, covering small civil construction works to major construction projects including highways, bridges and dams.

Our team are highly qualified, and certified and are experts in our field, and would be happy to help you with enquiries relating to commercial and residential jobs.   

Some of our notable projects include: 

  • Civil Works dealing with Water, Power, and Telecommunications
  • The Tamworth Regional Playground Project which has become a significant Australian Tourist attraction
  • Work for the Dole projects, to invest and give back to the community
  • Tamworth Regional Water drainage system- Build and Redesigned from scratch 


50-52 Goddard Lane, Westdale NSW

ABN 97 010 798 348

Services offered by Daly Services

  • Construction, Civil Construction
  • Surveying and detailed Survey Design
  • Earthworks and Civil works
  • Drainage Installation 
  • Concrete Works
  • Playground construction, Installation and Certification, Inspection and Maintainance 
  • Stormwater
  • Water sewerage installation
  • Trenching
  • Loader Hire 

Endorsements & Reviews of Daly Services


Abby Harrison endorsed Daly Services

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Locations for Daly Services

52 Goddard Lane Tamworth, Westdale, NSW 2340