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Concrete Sleepers for Retaining Walls, Adelaide

At Creative Sleepers we specialise in the manufacture and supply of concrete sleepers for domestic and commercial applications. Our concrete sleepers are designed for retaining walls but can also be used for decorative garden edging and veggie patches. Creative Sleepers retaining wall sleepers are manufactured out of reinforced concrete to ensure longevity, with low maintenance over many years.

Our concrete sleeper range consists of six different patterns, available in two colours- Sandstone and Charcoal. We also manufacture pre cast step kits and Easyplinths (for use under Good Neighbour Fence).

Our concrete sleepers are supported by steel universal beams (posts) allowing minimum width on your retaining wall. This ensures that you achieve maximum usage of your land and an outstanding garden design. Please see our installation guide for requirements when installing your retaining wall. Alternatively we can recommend qualified builders to install your retaining wall for you.

Creative Sleepers are located at 27 Liston Road, Lonsdale SA. Contact us today for a competitive price on quality concrete sleepers for your retaining wall.


This guide is a basic outline of how to install a concrete retaining wall. For simplicity it is

based on installing a 1 metre high retaining wall with 2 metre sleepers. For different wall

heights please adjust the figures accordingly.

Step 1: Setting up

When setting up your retaining wall you need to establish the correct alignment, particularly if the retaining

wall is located on a boundary. In most cases, the person who alters the natural ground level is responsible

for the retaining wall, however you should check with your local council as each region may have

different laws.

Step 2: Laying out

You will need to set a string line along the line of the proposed retaining wall. Set your pegs 500mm past

each end of the retaining wall so that the end holes do not disturb your string line.

Mark out where each hole will need to be dug (hole centres should be 2015mm apart for 2m sleepers).

Step 3: Steel lengths

As a rough guide, the steel should be cut to double the height of the wall, so a 1 m wall will require 2 m

steel lengths. This may vary depending on your type of soil.

Step 4: Digging the holes

Holes should be dug to the same height as the wall, plus 100mm. For example, a 1 metre high wall should

be dug to 1,000 + 100mm = 1,100mm. Hole diameters should be approx 450mm.


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