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All of our projects are different. They are all also architecturally inspired at their heart. Whatsmore, our products are regularly used in Spain.....it is afterall their birthplace. So we will pull together project summaries of the work we do to help you find the information you need about what is possible. The project summaries from Spain are particularly detailed featuring architectural and engineering drawings. They are extracted from a publication for architects about creative uses of bricks. The main text is in both English and Spanish although you will find the drawings are only in Spanish. We hope you enjoy them!

Get inspired! Learn! And by all means if you have questions that we can't answer, we'll happily find a way to connect you to an architect on the other side of the world who may be able to explain the detail of how they have achieved something.

Creative Bricks Australia

We are a new supplier of architectural bricks. We were established in 2014 and are dedicated to bringing European design and superior quality to a timeless and simply beautiful product - the humble brick.

We have scoured the world to bring you a range of architectural bricks that will offer great and different looks as well as a level of quality that will only be required for the most exacting building masterpiece.

Our bricks offer you the choice of distinction in colours, dimensions, quality and the final look of your project. We are backed by three world class Spanish manufacturers who have built contemporary architectural masterpieces all around the world. Our suppliers are Ceramica Malpesa, Ceramica Las Losas and Tejas Borja.

When combined, they have over 300 years of experience in the industry. Welcome to Australia’s newest supplier of beautiful architectural bricks and clay products!

Malpesa Clay Pavers

April 18, 2019

Keep your eyes peeled for our brochure shortly and updates to our website in relation to Malpesa’s clay pavers.

These clay pavers are unique in terms of the colours available (white, grey and black), the fact that they come with attractive beveled edges and their slightly smaller London format. Over time, many people have adopted tiles or stone on concrete surfaces but the beauty of these small format clay pavers is that they are super flexible, can be arranged in any number of ways, can be pulled up easily and are incredibly durable.

Samples are available for the full range and shortly we’re going to have our brochure prepared. Stay tuned for more information.


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