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Our objective is to assist our patron's desires and deliver firm, approachable and trustworthy service.

Crameri Enterprises Pty Ltd is locally owned and operated road contracting service. We offer a friendly and reliable team of experts to assist you with any needs. Our service is flexible and by appointment so contact us today to make a time. Our achievement is due to our assurance, reliability and the strength of our association with our customer.

Our Servics:

We offer a service that encompasses all aspects of a project, ensuring single point accountability for the total project. Services offered are grouped as follows:

Project management

Consulting & design

Procurement management

Laser leveling

Bitumen sealing

Road construction & maintenance

Traffic management

Quarry operations

Equipment & personnel hire

Professional Expertise:

We can provide a wide range of services to suit your requirements. We give best quality to our customers at very affordable prices as quality is our main priority. Our team has skilled people who serve the customers in an effective & efficient manner. We believe in providing the solutions for all your complicated issues. Our team is very flexible and we pride ourselves in understanding our customer's needs in order to deliver great customer service.

Customer Oriented:

Our focus is to provide our customers with personalised service they deserve as we believe in having long term relationships with them. We aim to provide great customer service to our customers to achieve best results to develop long term relationships with them. We have complete knowledge of the customer's requirements in order to provide prompt service without compromising on the quality as quality is our main priority.

With a small quarry operation we are able to personally quality control and monitor the materials we use. 

Materials produced from the quarry include engineered fill, gap products for road and pavement materials, and rock for driveways and car parks.

If you require material and/or cartage for a home project or your business


Bitumen Sprayer

Matthew’s Brothers bitumen spraying unit mounted on a Mercedes Benz prime mover.

Details: The sprayer features engine speed control equipment with a cabin mounted control panel, maintaining a pre-set road speed automatically. An engine speed to within 2rpm, irrespective of whether ascending or descending gradients, enables the repeatability of application rates to be guaranteed 99% accurate over the full distance sprayed for each and every spray run. A simple push of a button returns the sprayer to conventional road speed control at the completion of a spray run.

Digital display of road speed metres/minutes, travelling speed, digital display of distance sprayed, recording metre, activated by spray on-off controls with reset or accumulating sprayed distance, including facility when the spraybar is isolated. Bitumen pump speed control switching for pre-set engine/pump speeds for tank circulation. Pre-set engine/pump speeds for hand-lance spraying and for spray in bar to circulate when only 2 or 3 spraybar jets are operating. Spray widths of up to 8 metres are available and fully calibrated to VicRoads standard.

Bitumen Kettles & Portable Bitumen Tank

Three new 25,000 litre bitumen kettles were purchased from Matthews Brothers Engineering P/L and these safely facilitate heating and storage of all bitumen products. This extra storage space and the capacity to tow an additional tanker allows us to further meet and exceed our clients expectations.

Shoulder Spreader

This innovative piece of equipment is the perfect solution to your shoulder construction work requirements. Mounted on a front end loader, the Shoulder Spreader is able to maintain spreading consistency over the length of job without damaging the already established surrounding pavement. The most efficient and effective solution to road shoulder works, this piece of highly sought after equipment is one of a kind in the local vicinity and one of few in Victoria. 


With a variety of trucks ranging from water carts to tipper and dogs fitted with automated spreader boxes, we are able to provide the solutions and equipment required to complete the project. In addition, we also maintain two tag along floats capable of transporting machinery or goods to and from worksites. 

Pug Mill 

High quality modern state of the art pug-mill with or without support machinery available for hire or contract work in all area’s. Pug-mill equipped with PolyCom Stabilising Aid mixing capability, additive bin and loadrite weighing system.

Advantages of this equipment include:

· PolyCom treated material can be left in stockpiles for many months

· Retains moisture longer and can be used at any time

· Reduced haulage costs

· Saves water

· Achieve longer lasting pavements

· Blend materials to suit your requirements

· OHS Compliant machinery and staff

· Quality outcomes at a reduced cost over tradition methodology 


Our Bitelli road profiler compliments our range of stabilization equipment, as well as providing general profiling services. Pavement profilers can be used to undertake a wide variety of works including:

Asphalt profiling

Leveling / rutting removal


Pavement removal

Edge Planing




Shoulder rehabilitation


Trimming to stringline

Accurate cross slope leveling

Concrete profiling

Removal of rubber 

Loaders and Excavators 



With an option of a Volvo L70C, L90 or L120 loader with log Grab we are able to complete various sized projects to the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

An addition to our extensive range of equipment is Volvo Excavator’s EC140 plus a 2003 EC 360B.


With both a Volvo G710B and Mitsubishi MG100 grader we have what you need to cut, contour or fine grade any jobsite. From site clearing work at the beginning of a new road project to finish grading, ditching or even snow removal, our graders and highly qualified professional operators can do it all.

Crusher and Portable Power Screen

With an expanding quarry operation we are able to personally quality control and monitor the materials we use on some projects. Materials produced from the quarry include engineered fill, gap products for road and pavement materials for driveways and carparks.


Posi-Tracks are able to traverse nearly any terrain with minimal damage to the ground, making them effective for construction, landscaping and agriculture projects. With the RC 100 we can crawl over the most fragile ground with minimal surface disturbance, allowing it to work productively on any ground condition. On the job, the RC-100 will always be the first to finish. Exceptional flotation and traction keeps you working in virtually all ground conditions, even where other machines don’t work at all. We especially pride ourselves on the profiling ability of our Posi-Track in relation to road reconstruction projects. With a variety of attachments including bucket broom, post-hole borer, leveling bar, forks and 300mm to 1 metre wide profiler, we can provide the solution to your project requirements.

Work-site Traffic Management

A specialist team qualified in Traffic Control and Worksite Traffic Management are available for hire and are able to assist any organization that requires such services. Whether it's late night traffic control for the CFA to developing traffic management plans, we are renowned for our friendly can-do attitude. In addition, we also have a wide range of signage solutions and there are two sets of electronic/solar powered traffic light options available.

Laser Level

Our aim is to be the best at what we do and be able to provide the services our clients require. The latest edition, the MCE Lasergrade LS230 laser, allows us to achieve this aim. With a range of applications including earthmoving, land leveling, agriculture, road construction, and site preparation the laser level has the following features:

· Visible or invisible beam

· Various mounts i.e. quick release, 3.5“ threaded type

· Coned rotating head

· Beam blocks in 4 directions

· Vertical axis

· Sensors for manual & automatic machine control

· Display/control panels

· Grade charts

· Two grade input systems - a world’s first in user-friendly technology. Input the grade directly using the switch pad or in increments using the arrow keys.

· Elevation alert - if the laser is accidentally moved, (with the lock function activated) the laser beam will stay switched off and stop rotating to alert the operator

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