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Anyone can paint a line on the ground. It’s not rocket surgery or brain science! Surprised to hear a line marking specialist say that? Well the thing is, here at Car Park Lines & Signs we believe in being honest. Up front. Straight down the line. Which means that when you choose us to take care of your line marking we will be absolutely clear about what we can do – and when we can do it. If we give you a price or a timescale, we’ll stick to it. If we say we’re coming – we’ll be there. Guaranteed. Knowing the right paints to use for your particular surfaces, and doing the right preparation, are givens. And we’ve got a few other things going for us, too. Like the fact that WE DON’T CHARGE EXTRA FOR NIGHT OR AFTER HOURS WORK. The thing is, car park line marking is a lot less difficult when the car park isn’t in use. And why should we (or anyone else) charge more for something that makes our job easier? On top of all that, we’re incredibly versatile. Although we are best known for car park and warehouse line marking, we have several expert teams with specialised skills and equipment who can take care of any type of line marking. Sydney is our base, but we are willing and able to work ANYWHERE in Australia. So if all you want is a line on the ground, pick any old line markers to paint it. But if you want to work with someone who’ll treat you with respect, stick to their quote, show up when they promise AND DO A FANTASTIC, PROFESSIONAL JOB – pick the Sydney line marking specialists: Car Park Lines & Signs.


You won’t believe the difference freshly painted lines make to a car park, playground or sports arena. (Don’t just take our word for it – check out our gallery to see for yourself.) At Car Park Lines & Signs we use high quality, durable materials to make sure that your new lines and signage look spectacular. Obviously any paint will fade and become scuffed over time – after all, it’s out in the blazing sun getting stomped on and run over every single day – so we also offer a regular maintenance service to keep yours looking as good as new. We are experts in line marking for car parks and warehouses – and our skilled teams can also offer any other type of line marking services. Here is just some of the work we can do for you (and if there’s something you need that we haven’t listed here – just get in touch. No matter how complex, unusual, big or small your job is, we bet we can do it): Car park line marking From the smallest outdoor lot to giant multi-stories, we’ve got you covered for all the line marking and signage you need for a safe, modern car park. Disabled bays Parking bays No parking signage Lettering and numbering Line marking for speed humps Loading zones Directional arrows Trip hazards Hatched zones Loading zones Pedestrian crossings Pedestrian walkways Parents with prams Stop lines Give way dashes Kerbing Warehouse line marking We understand that clearly marked lines and signage are vital for both safety and efficiency in your warehouse. If you need suggestions we can help you design the most effective layout for your lines. Oh, and we’ll work around your schedule to minimise disruption (yes, that includes out of hours or overnight) AT NO EXTRA COST. Walkways Racking lines Loading docks Forklift zones Dispatch zones Extinguisher and fire reel zones Stairs Residential properties We don’t just work with commercial clients – we also offer expert line marking services for apartment block car parks and stratas of any size. Our residential services include: Parking bays Safety signage Customised signage Numbering Traffic calming Pedestrian walkways Pedestrian safety Keep everyone who uses your car park safe with clearly marked lines and signage: Pedestrian walkways Pedestrian crossings Pedestrian safety signage Speed and warning signs Signage We provide high-quality metal signs, including standard car park signs and customised signs to meet your individual requirements, whatever they may be. Directional signage Parking instruction signs No parking Safety signage Speed signs Company logos on stencils Personalised signage Safety products We can supply and install traffic calming and safety products to slow down traffic and protect both drivers and pedestrians in your car park: Wheel stops – concrete or recycled rubber Speed humps Sports courts It’s so much more enjoyable playing sport on a clearly marked out court – where everyone can see who’s in and who’s out! We have experts on our team who specialise in line marking for sports facilities, including: Basketball courts Netball courts Tennis courts Volleyball courts Line removal There’s nothing more confusing than a car park criss-crossed with old lines and markings. For exceptional results we can restore your surfaces to base condition before we paint your new lines. Grinding Chemical line removal Scrubbing and sweeping High pressure removal Blacking out old lines and lettering External building and surface washing School playgrounds Whether you want old classics like hopscotch and handball, or something creative of your own design to keep your students entertained, we can take care of it. And we’ll come out of hours at no extra cost, so we don’t get in the way! Onward line marking schedules To keep your car park, schoolyard, sports field or warehouse looking bright and fresh, we can arrange an ongoing maintenance schedule for your lines and signage. That way you can budget in advance – and maintain that all-important first impression year after year. Rather than trying to find unallocated funds to repaint your car park in one event, we can suggest a schedule where you can spread your costs out over several years. This can include repainting high-traffic areas more frequently than those less used, and can give you a fixed budget for years to come! Design and layout for new work We’ve been doing line marking for over a decade, so there’s pretty much nothing we haven’t seen. If you need help coming up with the best design and layout for your car park, warehouse or other area, we can give you expert suggestion based on what has worked for other clients, and why. Building façade cleaning A rundown or tired looking building exterior doesn’t create the best first impressions. We can help transform your building for much less than you think. We’ll remove anything – from dirt and stains to cobwebs and gunge! Soft-wash, low or even high levels of pressurised water and bio-degradable detergents are all options when we give your building exterior a spruce-up. Our people are accredited and competent operators and where required, are authorised to use elevated work platforms -and we’ll even go abseiling! There are no projects we can’t handle. Car park and warehouse floor cleaning Ride-on sweepers, scrubbers, detergents and high-pressure hand held tools are all on hand to bring your car park back to life. We can do this work as part of the preparation for line marking, or simply to rejuvenate your car park or warehouse. ‘Makeover’ packages We do so much more than just paint lines. We like to see a car park or warehouse looking fabulous when we’ve finished, so we love it when we get the chance to clean up and refresh the signage, as well as mark the lines. If you want the full makeover you don’t need to deal with whole raft of different contractors. We can wash down the outside of your buildings, redesign your layout, install speed bumps and wheel stops, put up fresh signage – and of course, paint bright, shiny lines wherever you need them. And if you only need some of those services, that’s fine too. We can put them together in any combination as a customised package that will save you time, hassle and money. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen.

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