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Canberra Hydrovac

Overview of Canberra Hydrovac

It’s what’s beneath the surface that matters. At Canberra Hydrovac, a drive towards excellence and constant innovation is at our core. You’ll see it in how we work, our equipment, and in our people. Our internal focus is on building a team that cares about their work, and it results in having some of the most productive operators in the business. When you choose Canberra Hydrovac as your hydro excavation company, you know you’ll get a fast, safe and thorough job. 

Services offered by Canberra Hydrovac

You demand it and employees depend on it. Safety is always a top priority. You deal with the risks associated with dangerous conditions and utility damage every day. We understand the requirements specific to your industry – whether hydro, gas, telecommunications, construction, or another. Canberra Hydrovac is serious about safety. We continually improve our environmental, health and safety performance by:

  • providing regular, thorough and company-wide training
  • clearly communicating objectives and targets
  • regularly monitoring and reviewing our policies
  • insisting on safety in the workplace and on the worksite
  • establishing industry-leading standards

By demanding a commitment at every level – management, operators, crews and administration – our hydro excavation company fosters a culture of safety. It is paramount to how we operate. 

Endorsements & Reviews of Canberra Hydrovac


Tobias McLenaghan endorsed Canberra Hydrovac

Small-scale Contractor Great job done by these guys and always on time, would definitely recommend to anyone


Sean McCaffrey endorsed Canberra Hydrovac

Large-scale Contractor Canberra Hydrovac are a reliable and quality service which we happily use regularly.
The guys are helpful and willing to have the job done the way we require.


Rob Urbaniak endorsed Canberra Hydrovac

Large-scale Contractor

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45 Sheppard Street, Hume, ACT 2620