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Burgess Horticultural Services (BurHor) is a horticultural contractor operating in the ACT 

and surrounding NSW areas since 1987. The Partnership of brothers Gary and Mark 

Burgess owns and operates wide range of plant and equipment to undertake a variety of 

contract services for government and corporate clients. 

With over 30 years of experience, Gary and Mark are well known in the ACT and 

surrounding areas as reliable professionals. The work includes landscape maintenance of 

Canberra buildings, schools, offices and roads, involving mowing, edging, weeding, 

pruning, woody and environmental weed eradication, tree surgery and chemical 


BurHor also undertakes hard and soft landscaping construction including large scale 

rockeries, retaining walls, walkways, and water features, as well as traditional landscaping 

tasks such as clearing, ground preparation, soil removal, the establishment of grassed 

areas and planting of shrubs and trees. 

At BurHor we continually strive to meet and exceed the required technical, safety and 

environmental criteria our industry requires. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional 

service to all of our clients. 


As a part of that growth BurHor has identified eight defined divisions within the business: 

1. OSM - The Open Space Maintenance of Land and Asset Management for 

Facilities, Arboretums, National Estate Areas, Exhibition Facilities, National Parks, 

Lakes, Suburbs, Reserves and Natural areas. 

2. AHM – (High value) Amenity Horticultural Maintenance and detailed horticultural 

work including landscape maintenance of National areas, Cultural assets, Office 

buildings, schools, high and low density housing facilities. 

3. ES - Environmental services for Natural Temperate Grasslands, Temperate 

Woodlands, high value conservation sites, Threatened Ecological Communities, 

endangered species and specific environmental management, woody and 

environmental weed eradication, Biomass vegetation management. 

4. TS – Tree services – maintenance including formative pruning, seasonal pruning, 

structural pruning, transplanting, removal, conservation, stabilization, planting and 

protection of tree assets. Works include exotic species, endemic plantings, 

protected, conservative and heritage listed specimens. 5. LS – Landscape Services – construction of commercial and domestic landscapes. 

Including hard and soft scaping projects. Works include excavation, soil / mulch / 

gravel / sand supply and installation, soil analysis and remediation, turf, paving, 

concrete works, asphalt, retaining walls, rock walls, lighting, park furniture, BBQ’s, 

shade sails, art features, trees, shrubs, water features, irrigation systems, fences, 

decks and pergolas. 

6. WEH – Waste and Equipment Hire – works include bulk removal of debris and 

waste, recycling services, truck / trailer combinations, excavators , skid steer 

loaders, graders, scarifies, soil conditioning, aeration, seeding, broad acre 

renovation and seeding equipment, elevated work platforms, water carts, rotary 

hoeing, tillage, hydroseeding, turf, dryland grass and pasture renovation, tractors 

and attachments, fertilizer, soil emollients and materials spreading, water quality 


7. GIS – precision mapping of assets, data storage and analysis, Water budgeting, 

weed distribution and control mapping, utilization reporting, Volumetric Water 

Content mapping and analysis, life cycle planning, vegetation assessments, 

service delivery reporting, aerial imagery, UAV mapping and vegetation / asset 

reporting, photography, WAE – Works as Executed Drawings, Topographical and 

contour mapping, 3D imagery, landscape construction survey and precision job set 


8. AMC – Asset Maintenance and Cleaning – Management and maintenance of 

varied public assets including but not limited to Park Furniture, Playgrounds, 

BBQ’s, Public Toilet blocks and Sports Facilities. 

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